My one time, pseudo-minor celebrity moment

It was the usual lull of a day, when I do all I was doing was work, work and work. All of a sudden, something popped out my Facebook* feed that woke me up in an instant:

Minor heart attack when I saw myself on BuzzFeed

Minor heart attack when I saw myself on BuzzFeed (see the article here)

I initially thought that Facebook was just acting up, but I saw that somebody tagged me in his post. There I was, In a picture taken two years ago during my second university graduation. It wasn’t the last for the day because, apparently, every friend of mine who did bother looking or posting the BuzzFeed article saw a familiar face in the picture informed me on my wall. It was crazy. Good thing that the article itself, when clicked, does not have any picture of me. It was just the featured photo that gets shown when shared through Facebook.

Anyway, the author of the article lifted the photo from this post in April 2013. I normally take offense over people using my photos without permission, but I will give this one a free pass. It was a hilarious way of connecting with people who had a good laugh seeing their pseudo-minor celebrity friend on Facebook. On the other hand, I have two concerns: like what I have mentioned somewhere here, I am not that comfortable people talking about what they have read here upfront. It was obvious that the featured photo was not taken from my Facebook page because that specific university graduation album was set not available for public viewing. A quick reverse-image search would definitely turn BRYOLOGUE up on search results. The other concern is the need to watermark my photos, or for the laziness that usually ensues when uploading photos, I should at least put a disclaimer on the images posted. I should prominently write somewhere that anyone wishing to use these pictures should ask me in advance.

*I have written in October 2014 the reasons why I abandoned social media. I think I must address this issue since it may seem very hypocritical writing about a Facebook post if I have earlier abandoned it. I returned to semi-actively looking at my Facebook page beginning in March 2015 — so those were solid five months being out of the loop. Truth be told, I still carry the same sentiments I had expressed before. However, I think the experience was cathartic enough to give me a better understanding of what I see and read from the inane things SOME of my friends post. 


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