My blog turns one!

I never thought I would be able to keep an online account with substantial detail for this long, but time flies so fast and my blog has been running for a year already! A quick scan of of the things I’ve been blabbing about, I think there was a progressive change over the theme of the things I’ve posted. In a month or so, however, I have to pay Faye for the annual fee of having removing that ‘’ from here.

At the same time, I also have to say goodbye to a bag I’ve used only for a couple of times. This bag is definitely large that it took Mon one “Hindi ba masyadong malaki ‘yan bag mo?” (Don’t you think your bag’s a bit too large?) to make me stop using it… for good. And it has been sitting in the closet for a long time, that it smells a bit, well, like the closet. I decided to finally let it go because it deserves a better owner, who will make full use of it. I think this is a healthy development and a big step to the right direction of downsizing the ridiculous number of bags I have. There. I called a spade a spade. =D It was difficult to let go because it has a sentimental value, but it also has no everyday utilitarian value (well, for me), so bye, bag, bye!

Bye, bye bag! - Gucci large tote

I went home to Marikina after Friday’s work shift and I was really happy to see my family and our pets! I spent the whole Saturday lying down, playing with the kids and Miso. It was so nice that I had to drag myself to take a bath just because. The weather was bad, though, that it prevented me from giving the pets a bath.

I eventually had to go back to Makati on Sunday afternoon because we must buy supplies for the week. We were originally to go to Glorietta but changed plans by going to WalterMart Makati. I have never been inside it, unless you count that one time when we had to hitch a ride from a friend’s car and she was parked in the basement. We also wanted to visit Makati Cinema Square but we were already running late that I did not have the chance to visit its surplus shops/vintage stores. =(

WalterMart Supermarket in Makati

Food for the week!

I have a long day tomorrow. I have to wake up really early because it will be my first day in my new work in the NGO and I’m really excited and nervous at the same time. I’m excited because I still cannot believe I now finally have a chance to work in the humanitarian and development sector. However, I’m nervous because of the sheer novelty of the experience. But then again, I remember that I wanted to resign on my first day of working in the financial sector because the things I was made to read that time were just swimming in front of me. As I was able to survive that with more than five years of experience under my belt, then I definitely can cope up with the demands of the new role I’m going to officially assume tomorrow. This will be another test of time management, and I promised myself that neither of the two has to suffer. But it won’t stop me from thinking if only a day can have 36 hours instead of 24. Then after contemplating about that, I recalled that wishing for the day to be longer requires a drastic change in the distance between the Moon and the Earth, with the former’s gravity acting as a break and control over the latter’s rotation in its axis. LOL


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