“Moving Out” day!

At last, it was the day that was making me excited and nervous at the same time: “moving out” day! All the weeks of looking, planning and preparing culminated on this day.

In a couple of days, I will be working two jobs and moving to Makati to save on travel time was the best and only solution. I did not have the time to fix my things, not until four hours of leaving. I had a mental list of things-to-bring, but it was expectedly forgotten and I still had to go back in Marikina and pick some of them.

Miso being cute before I leave the house

While I was already rushing up and down the house, trying to cram as many clothes and things as I can inside my bags, Miso was also busy running after me and she can’t resist being cute and playful, as if she knew I would be temporarily leaving her. =( I will definitely be missing to see my niece and nephew everyday, but I will also miss being greeted by our pets every night. I will be home on weekends, and I will make sure that I get to spend quality time with all of them.

I had two big bags with me, and Mama originally planned to go with me. But as it took me several hours to finish packing, it was at almost 6:00 PM that I left the house, under the heavy rain. I was wearing jeans and a pair of boots (to save space), but I had to change my shirt inside the cab because the rain was really unforgiving. My sister had to escort me to the highway just to help me with my things and I could not have braved the rain withour her help. LOL

Picking pillowcases - Landmark Makati

We needed more pillows

Mon arrived in the apartment about 30 minutes after me. We wasted no time as we also needed to go to Glorietta and buy other essentials. As of Friday, we only have two throw pillows and we needed about three more. But before buying them, we had to eat first because it would have been too much of a hassle to carry them in the food court.

I was already carrying a set of kitchen utensils from home (courtesy of Mama, and they were color-coordinated at blue), so we no longer had to buy them. We also needed a curtain for our exposed window and we were not sure about the the measurement. We also had to go to Anson’s to buy  an electric stove. Mama suggested that we should just use a small gas burner, but I’m a little worried about gas leak so we opted for an electric stove instead.

Because we desperately needed to cover the window


Our new sofa bed with its new pillows

When we got home, the first thing I did was fix the exhaust fan with the picture frame. Using masking tape to secure it, it was not much but at least we had better air circulation than before. The curtains were not my cup of tea (I wanted to get blinds) but as we had no idea of the length we needed, the ones we got was the quick fix.

As for the pillows, I just wanted three more regular throw pillows. However, Mon wanted a bigger and fluffier one, I had to give in and just let him have it. LOL I particularly love the pair on both ends, because it has a very native-material texture. One by one, if the budget permits, we would be adding several more essentials. I just hope we would be able to get the important things before June 3, so that I would be less stressed and could focus more with the new job ahead!




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