Memory enhancers: Ginkgo biloba

I have never tried taking memory enhancers until today. Desperate times need desperate measures. I’m just reminded of that scene in Harry Potter where Ron and Harry were desperate participants in the heavy trade of memory enhancers to help them in their O.W.L. exams. Hermione confiscated them because: a) they don’t work, and b) they are sometimes dangerous.

Glutaphos tablets - Manila, Philippines

On my quest for memory enhancers, first, these Glutaphos tablets. As far as I can remember, this type of memory enhancer used to be famous to a lot of students especially those taking their board exams. They are sold OTC here in the Philippines (for about Php 8.00 each), but I guess in some countries, a person still needs prescription to buy them. I have only tried taking them twice and the only thing that improved was my appetite. O_O Please no. I don’t deprive myself of food lately because I’m committed to retain everything that I’m reading (even if I have almost never exercised lately). But there’s already a problem if you can’t think of anything else but food while reviewing. I then ditched the remaining eight tablets.

Ginkgo Biloba Tablets --- Tebokan, Manila, Philippines

I next tried these Tebokan Ginkgo biloba tablets. I have only taken one today and yet to evaluate its efficacy. It was recommended by my study partner, Raisa, last night because I was ranting over how much I fear forgetting important topics for the exam. They are also available OTC for almost Php 40.00 each. One good thing I have noticed was that my appetite was no longer on overdrive. But I can’t help but always laugh  when pronouncing Ginkgo biloba because it still reminds me of that scene in Sharon Cuneta and Ai-Ai delas Alas’ movie “BFF: Best Friends Forever“. The exchange/berating went on like this:

Sharon Cuneta and Ai-Ai delas Alas in "BFF: Best Friends Forever" and their Ginkgo Biloba tirade

 Frances (Ai-Ai): Uy, nahiya naman ako sa linis mo. Linis na daig pa ang kuskos, babad at bleach.
Honey (Sharon): Asawa ako. Talagang malinis ako. Malinis ang kunsensya ko malinis ang cabinet ko, kusina ko, ang banyo ko, ang bahay ko. Eh ikaw?
Frances: Malinis. Gaga, diba ikaw naglinis. Pagkatapos mo ‘kong lokohin!
Honey: Ay nako, uminom ka nga ng ginkgo biloba. Parang may problema ka sa memory gap.
I died. This scene is forever embedded in my brain and I can never look at Ginkgo biloba innocently again. Well, Ginkgo biloba also has a non-humor related significance to me. When Mon and I were in Seoul last year, we were still out late at night in front of Gyeongbokgung, under a Ginkgo biloba tree when the clock struck 12:00 AM. It was already our third year anniversary.
I still keep the leaf (on the right) inside my wallet , wrapped in a receipt from Korail. =D
Ginkgo Biloba leaf from a tree near Gyeongbokgung - Seoul, South Korea
Anyway, I just hope that these Tebokan tablets will work. I’m not exactly desperate to remember everything, but I need all the help I can get to get me through my exams. Five more days before the first part of my comprehensive exams. FIGHT!



    • Hi! I used to take one tablet a day lang. USED being the operative word hehe

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