Love, Makati Post Office

My first weekend going back to Marikina after starting my second job in Pasay was full of — REST. I’ve spent the whole Saturday afternoon lying down and lazily playing with my nephew, niece, dogs and cat. I have also moved my usual Sunday activities with JB on a Saturday, because I should be going back to Makati after early dinner on Sunday to prepare for Monday. I also managed to take pictures of some of the things I will be listing on, using Mama’s newly painted wall by the kitchen. While taking the pictures, I’ve heard the balut vendor pass in front of our house, and we had to rush outside just in time before he turned the corner.

I can’t remember when was the last time I have eaten balut, but I definitely can’t forget that one time in 1996, when I was too obsessed with it and devoured three eggs in one sitting. I eventually ended up with a headache the whole weekend. LOL I am not too fond directly looking at what was inside the shell, so my strategy was just to look at it cross-eyed as I sprinkle a pinch of salt on it.

Up close --- my first balut in years

Anyway, when I reached my workplace in Makati, I have seen this slip on top of my keyboard — it was my love letter from Makati Post Office. Almost two weeks ago, I was finally able to persuade this problematic buyer form Netherlands to send my bag back, and it looks like it has finally arrived. I am honestly worried because the buyer did not mark the item properly as returned merchandise, and she might have even over-declared the value of the item.

A love note from Makati Post Office

I have no idea how customs duty is calculated, but I guess I should just prepare the necessary documents and even a print out of everything I have with me to ensure the customs officer that I am the owner of the item and it was just returned to me. I have also taken a picture of the bag when I was packing it, as well as when I was about to send it in the same post office, and hopefully that will build my case. I vow to never use Registered Mail again because the 21-day holding period was bad enough.

Fortunately, the three items I have sent using PhilPost’s International Express Mail Service reached their destination just fine! One was bound for South Korea, while the other two were for US customers. Since I still have that selling limitation, I had to message PayPal thrice, informing them that the items’ were already delivered according to that pop-up tracking on Ebay.  My funds got released within 24 hours in those three occasions, and have pledge full allegiance to IEMS even if it is more expensive!





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