La Vie Bohème

We  saw Mockingjay Part 1 last Sunday and on our way home, I finally got up close the display window of Rustan’s Makati.

Christmas 2014 display window of Rustan's Makati

Christmas 2014 display window of Rustan’s Makati

They undoubtedly have the best windows and they periodically change them after a couple of months. However, they always reserve the best decoration for December. This year, it looked like an enchanted winter forest that is very Tim Walker (a.k.a. Mr. Fairy Tale Fantasy) meets Narnia. Of course, Tim Walker is well-known for photographing very whimsical spreads and campaigns. However, what I do not like about these was the fact that you can no longer see the clothes. The branches by the glass were too busy or had they reduced the sides for about a foot each, it would have been much better. I still get envious of all the Ayala Avenue people because they have better Christmas decorations, compared to the bleak and sparsely decorated area of McKinley Hill. Do they know it’s Christmas? LOL Yes, I’m really claiming the Holiday Season this year, and I’m as giddy as my niece Brianna seeing glittering decors and blinking Christmas lights.

And from high-end to something more accessible, we visited Makati Cinema Square to look for something I can wear for our company’s year-end party this Saturday. Our lovely colleagues chose bohemian as this year’s theme, and they can’t even be bothered putting an accent grave in bohème. Pfffft. A year ago, it was supposedly The Roaring Twenties (The Great Gatsby), which I thought was offensive and tacky in the wake of Yolanda’s destruction in Central Visayas. How can you celebrate and push for the opulence of the flapper period, when the devastation left behind was too overwhelming to behold? Good thing we did not push through with the party and that was a classy call. We also previously had a fashion ball (where I wore a T-shirt LOL), a masquerade, a Filipiniana and some other themes I already forgot.

I was a bit sidetracked with my quest, though, because there was one book in BookSale’s display window that caught my eye. I saw Edmonde Charles-Roux’s biography ‘Chanel and her world‘. I quickly inspected the copy and it was in a very good condition. One of the salespeople saw me inspecting it and he then presented Jane Schaffer’s handy book for accessories design to interest me. This one is a good update on Stohlman’s leather techniques, and it even has a idiot-proof manner of presenting each chapters. However, I still had to leave it at that to look for a shirt I can use for the event.

Two books from Book Sale - Chanel and Her WOrld by Edmonde Charles-Roux

Two books from BookSale: Jane Schaffer’s ‘Fashion design course: Accessories’ and Edmonde Charles-Roux’s ‘Chanel and her world’

When you think of bohemian, bright colors, patterns and layering immediately spring to mind. But as I’m not big on any of these three, I’ll be doing only neutrals – black, white and/or brown. The photo below is basically an inspiration – minimal, not busy and no loud prints nor colors. I also wanted a linen or any natural fiber material so I was hoping I can find one. To my surprise, I saw the shoulder of the shirt on the rack and I was excited to see that the material was what I was exactly looking for. It cost me Php 200, which is quite pricey for an ukay item, but as we were already pressed for time, I thought it was more time-efficient to just get over it.

Very laidback from Hermes Men's Spring Summer 2014

Very laidback from Hermes Men’s Spring Summer 2014

Linen shirt with print on the neckline

Linen shirt with print on the neckline

For the pants, something straight from my closet — just a pair of black pants I have never used in months because it was already worn out. I cannot afford to buy a new one just for this party. The times have changed and people change too. =) For the footwear, I had to dust off an old pair of Ann Demeulemeester suede lace-up sandals. It was unceremoniously stored and the leather lining by the ankles was flaking a bit. I had to clean it and carefully brush the nap because it was quite dusty. I wear leather sandals very infrequently as I usually wear flip flops in my off days. And this particular pair is, well, a bit jinxed. Whenever I attempt to wear it, it rains so hard that I’d look stupid donning suede sandals.

A pair of Ann Demeulemeester suede laceup sandals

Welcome back to my consciousness

So my monochromatic ideal is all set and I’ve managed to assemble a minimal look from head to toe without breaking the bank. As for the bag, well, this is where I’d allow myself a bit of playfulness. I’ll be conjuring a look from almost half a decade ago — fox tail bag charms! I usually say this a lot, but time really flies so fast. I had to visit looks from Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010 to see how the tails were affixed on the bags. First of all, most of the bags were big, slouchy and saddle-shaped messengers. I think I can use a Saumur 35 for that.

Inspiration - fox tail bag charms from Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2010

Inspiration – fox tail bag charms

I saw a fox tail cheaply sold online and it was the best that I could find. A black and white one would have been better, but it might appear a bit skunky. The one from the runway has leather tassels but I don’t have time to make my own version because I’m more busy with my leather tote project. Besides, the spare leather hide is in Marikina and I only have the parts I had previously cut with me in the apartment. For the record, the seller advertised the tail as real fur. It even has some sort of photo evidence of what the tail looked inside i.e. real skin. However, I’ve noticed that the product itself is just faux fur. I was relieved to check when it finally arrived and my instinct was correct. No foxes were harmed in making this bag charm.

Louis Vuitton Saumur 35 with a fox tail charm

Saumur 35 with a fox tail charm

Trying the Louis Vuitton Saumur 35 with a fox tail charm

Trying the bag with the fox tail. Pardon the barefoot LOL

And after all of these, I still fear for Saturday’s weather, not because it will ruin my outfit but there’s a supertyphoon entering the country this weekend. The same Yolanda-hit area would receive the first blow, and last year’s disaster was still quite traumatic. All the best for all of us.



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