Kitties galore!

It has been exactly two weeks since Mon’s cat, Bommie, gave birth to three beautiful kitties. Of course, just like any other new born kittens, their eyes were still shut. But last weekend, the three of them all began opening their eyes.

Popo - newborn kitty

Uyu - newborn kitty

Miso - newborn kitty

They are so fragile looking but I still have that strong urge to squish all of them. =P We have also given them names. The black one was called ‘Popo’ (simplified from 뽀뽀 – kiss), the second one was ‘Uyu’ (우유 – milk) and the only female kitten with Bommie’s coloring was called ‘Miso’ (미소 – smile). One look and you can already tell that it was primarily Mon’s idea to give the three Korean names. They do nothing but crawl around their box, and sleep while drinking milk incessantly from their mother.

Miso looking like Chiz Curls

I was actually surprised to see this latest picture of Miso this morning, seeing she has significantly fattened up over the last few days. She has a lot of catching up to do with her two older brothers, who are already bigger than her. I can’t wait to see the three of them chasing each other, or playing with their toys. ^_^


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