Japan Home Centre rocks big time!

Coming from my mind-boggling and on-going issue with an Ebay dispute, I was quite hesitant to continue selling internationally. However, I have recently acquired a couple of interesting items of clothing, which don’t usually tickle the interest of local buyers.

No other choice but to continue selling  internationally and not let the traumatizing experience burn me forever. But in order to do that, I have to make sure that I have to be more precise with the weight measurement of all the items because the last time I’ve sent a batch of items, I had to shell out a couple of pesos because I underestimated the cost of shipping vis-à-vis the item’s weight.

Japan Home Centre - Farmers Plaza, Cubao

I originally thought of buying a portable weighing scale online on Sulit.com.ph but was dissuaded by the shipping fee. I needed at least something capable of showing items on grams up to a kilo and I thought National Bookstore or CDR-King have some. I was wrong. The National Bookstore in Cubao did not have even a single apparatus (not even a toy scale), nor CDR-King whose website shows an array of digital weighing scales. I was already about to leave Farmers Plaza when I recalled that there was a Japan Home Centre on the ground floor. I wasted no time asking a staff near the entrance if they have any portable weighing scale in the store. She brought me to the ‘Kitchen’ section and took out a little box from far-end of a shelf; it was the last one containing my sought-after weighing scale!

Japan Home Centre kicks ass! - Portable weighing scale and toy mice for my kitty - Farmers Plaza, Cubao


I was so happy with the price as it was sold for only Php 88! I was already prepared to pay around Php 350 from National Bookstore or CRD-King, so I congratulated myself with the find by buying another item from the store. I was debating over what type of cat toy to buy, but I thought these rainbow-colored mice looked interesting. I have no idea whether Miso will like them or even care to play with them — if not, I will just keep them because they are too cute to be kept away. =D


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