I lost my Marc Jacobs coin purse!

This day has already annoyed the hell out of me. I woke up early just to go to school because it turned out that the second page of my essay for the Part 3 of my compre exam was NOT included in the photocopy. Good thing I was allowed to print the missing two pages in the department so no harm done. It went really okay and smooth.Lost compre answer - UP PolSci department - UP Diliman, Philippines

But to my horror and surprise, I lost my black Marc Jacobs coin purse! It was my beloved coin purse I bring along with me more than my wallet because it was so convenient. I was almost in Cubao when I saw that my cellphone already had critical battery and was about to lose battery power. I proceeded to 7-11 to have it charged in one of those charging machines where you insert 5-peso coins. I searched and emptied my bag but it was not there.

Black Marc Jacobs coin purse - Manila, Philippines


My first instinct was to look for the FX I rode on my way to Cubao. Pretty silly because there were about a hundred or more FX in the Araneta Center area and I’ve looked at every vehicle as possible for the driver and the interior (which I can still recognize). Imagine walking from Farmers Plaza to the FX queue in Gateway, up to the FX parking area near Farmers Market. I had a nagging feeling that I won’t be able to find it but I kept ignoring it. The blazing weather did not help either and I was forced to accept that I have already lost it. It did not contain a lot. I even found a 20-peso bill lying by my foot when I was still inside and stashed it in the coin purse. Aside from lots of 5-peso coins, I only have an MRT ticket and a Mercury Drug Card. But the wallet was more important than any of its contents.

Black Gucci Microfiber Messenger Bag - Manila, Philippines

The snatcher tried ---- rip of this black Gucci Microfiber messenger bag , Manila Philippines

However, Mon reminded me that it was the 30th today — meaning payday and lots of snatchers and thieves are in the city. I’m beginning to think that this bag is jinxed. Because a year and a half ago, there was an attempt to snatch from it using a blade. Microfiber is admittedly strong but it left a hideous rip in the bag that had to be meticulously repaired because microfiber snags easily. Plus, it has several layers of fabric and lining (about four) which made it quite dificult to repair.

I have a separation anxiety and I want to break dishes right now. The coin purse has been with me EVERYWHERE, especially during my travels. I loved it so much because of its brass turnlock hardware and I doubt I would be able to find one again because I got it from Ebay about two years ago. I will be definitely looking for a replacement coin purse but I don’t know if I’d be able to find one that wil make my heart jump the same way I saw this Marc Jacobs online before. I want a leather one, and if possible, with the same turnlock mechanism as well.



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