How Doc Martens blistered my left foot

After buying shoelaces from Cubao yesterday, I was excited to finally use these Doc Martens for the first time. I’ve noticed that the heel part was still rigid and needed a little breaking in. What I did was put a dumbbell on this part the whole day and hoped that it will be more forgiving to my feet.

Breaking-in my Doc Martens manila philippines

Breaking-in my Doc Martens

So for today, even if it’s casual Friday, I decided to wear another dress shirt with these black pants to see how will the Docs work with them. It was okay so I was happy that I now have three Doc Martens to rotate for the weeks ahead.

Givenchy Luggage/Duffle Bag, Versace Classic Shirt, Black 8-Hole Doc Martens - Givenchy bag philippines

Givenchy Duffle Bag, Versace Classic longsleeves, Black 8-Hole Doc Martens

I’m particularly in love with this dress shirt. I can’t believe when Mon and I saw it months ago and it was my size. I don’t really know what the color is. I think it might be blue and a little iridescent.

Versace Classic Shirt

Givenchy Luggage/Duffle Bag, Black 8-Hole Doc Martens - Govenchy Bag Philippines

Givenchy Duffle Bag, Black 8-Hole Doc Martens

But after a few hours, my left foot began to have blisters in the heel area. Just as I thought that the boots are already broken in when I got them, and the extra help of the dumbbell,  they still need more work. Now, I have no choice but wear this pair of ’emergency’ loafers. I feel a bit awkward.


Emergency loafers




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