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It’s Sunday and we had to visit my family where we had to be picked up in Cubao after a 30-minute scooter ride from Makati. We used to get “lost” navigating the streets of Metro Manila, but within those times we had to use our e-scooter from from work to Makati, or home in Marikina to Makati post the November 2020 disaster, we fairly know the streets we have to traverse to get from point A to B.

I usually use a nondescript/non-logo bag for these “long distance” rides, but I haven’t used this Mulberry Trout since I learned how to move around the city in our scooter. And speaking of Mulberry, I never got the chance to put here these big-ass Mulberry bags.


Going around with our electric scooter

In June 20, 2016, I wrote about how I have long since wanted a Mulberry Piccadilly, which I had originally expressed in a  Tumblr post from May 2012. But it has been actually since 2018 when I got my first Piccadilly! I also bought this from a trusted eBay seller here in Manila, from whom I previously got a Balenciaga Men’s Day. I even brought this Piccadilly to Taiwan in 2018.

On the other hand, I got the black Piccadilly from another local seller in 2019, where I had to haggle hard in person just to get it. Despite this, I could say that Mulberry has fallen off the fashion radar, and it has not been that noisy in the last few years since Emma Hill left in 2013.

A pair of Mulberry Piccadilly bags

Even Johnny Coca filling the void (and eventually leaving in March 2020, only to join Louis Vuitton 2 months after to work on the accessories section, working alongside Ghesquière) has not done much for them. I don’t think they even looked for a replacement creative director? Coca leaving Mulberry at the early stages of the global pandemic, and having him replaced may not be on the senior management’s mind until now.

Nevertheless, 2021 marks Mulberry’s 50th year anniversary, thus they decided to commemorate it with the re-release of their iconic Alexa. What sets it apart was the sustainability aspect, producing the ‘New Alexa’ bags from their carbon-neutral UK factories. This one last bit is important, because it means they are producing these new crop of Alexa bags in the UK. As Mulberry lovers know, they had been producing their bags from different countries like Turkey, Romania, or China to name a few. This is also an interesting turn of events considering that Brexit finally took effect in 2021.

But with these changing positioning of Mulberry, it also means is that the resale market will have lower price points. It may be best for those wishing to snag their first Mulberry now. (To be fair, I have not looked at online sellers for another Mulberry since this black Piccadilly. It was my holy grail, so I guess, that’s the end of it?)

Details of the Mulberry Piccadilly's postman's lock

Details of the Mulberry Piccadilly’s postman’s lock

From time to time, I just look at bags online. However, times are tough with the pandemic. And also, since our other blog allowed us to look at bags regularly, I could say I have been living vicariously through others. I already had my decent fix and whenever there was an urge to buy, I look at the shelf and to find something similar because there is/should be definitely one already. I don’t even go out, so why bother? I even go to the grocery in my shorts, slippers, and sando, while rotating my bags!

I had to make an exception though, with this one Gucci canvas messenger, and a Balenciaga Courier, which I will eventually write about separately… so much for living vicariously through others. But I really have not been spending so much last 2020 for these things, having to allocate resources better. And I believe I am/we are making progress. Imagine, in the middle of the pandemic, who knew? Besides, it is no joke having to look after 3 cats in our apartment!

Found THE elusive US Vogue September 2007 issue in the middle of the pandemic - Sienna Miller, R.J. Cutler documentary

Found THE elusive US Vogue September 2007 issue in the middle of the pandemic

Year 2020 was also the year I discovered the convenience of Foodpanda and Grab Food (which kicked me out of keto diet for months. I was on survival mode, and I slowly began getting back on track), as well as Grab Pabili. The last one allowed us to pay for something on our behalf. This is the exciting part because I also managed to find a US Vogue September 2007 issue, ‘THE September Issue’ from the R.J. Cutler documentary of the same name.

Well, when I saw the magazine available online, it was already sold to another buyer for about Php 800. I had to “bribe” the seller to sell it to me for Php 1,500, so that I will not have to look every month on eBay for these September Issue copies being sold for an average of US$ 100 (or almost Php 5,000), not including shipping fee to the Philippines. I’d rather not kick myself eventually, not daring to try my luck.

I can’t find where I mentioned it, but my original September issue had been flooded in 2009. Now, the next hunt will be for the US Vogue March 2007 copy (with ‘The World’s Next Top Models’ then). I know this will eventually pop up locally, as I have no plans having it shipped from another country.


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