First day

We had two alarm clocks on but I still failed to wake up at 6:45 AM. I had a little trouble sleeping last night as I kept on waking up every hour. It was that same, familiar I used to have before a day of a field trip when I was young or before a cheerleading competition — exactly the mixture of nervousness and excitement I was talking about yesterday.

Ready for my first day

I told myself that I would make a time study of my commuting options, so that I won’t end up taking the cab going to Pasay everyday. But it failed. I eventually took a cab and I always pray that the driver would now where to go because I still have a little difficulty in giving ‘by instinct’ directions. I arrived there at around 8:45 AM, and I had a lot of time to compose myself before I deal with my jampacked schedule for my first day.

I was given a new laptop, so new that it was even in its box when I saw it on my work station. Well, ‘given’, meaning I have to leave it in the headquarters but I’ve got no problem with that because I do not fancy commuting to Pasay and back to Makati carrying a conspicous gadget. It was hard enough to look after a small cellphone, let alone carry a widescreen laptop. I actually got no problem working in the Libertad area, but the reality of the situation is that it was quite a risky place, especially when the sun sets.

My very bare work station --- a far cry from my busy desk in my other work

Honestly, I can’t remember a lot of the finer details of my first day because there were A LOT OF THINGS I had to take in. It was one big blur but it definitely left me a good feeling. A lot of expectations were raised but I’m definitely up for them. =) To be actually doing something in this field is a rare opportunity and the chance to have an impact for the betterment of the quality of lives of other people is indescribable. I know I might sound all wide-eyed and excessively optimistic with all that was happening, but I was also bracing myself for the harsh realities of taking this position. Again, can we have 36 hours per day, can’t we? LOL


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