Finally in Coron – Day 5: the case of the lost luggage

Last day today, or last morning since we have to be at the airport by noon. We have already arranged our transportation the day before. We did not arrange anything while waiting for our departure, except buying souvenirs and other pasalubong for our loved ones.

The market was just two blocks away from the lodge, and we immediately went souvenir shopping after breakfast. But on our way back after buying stuff, Mama asked me if I can look for some freshwater pearls for her since we were already in Palawan

Day 4 breakfast

Day 4 breakfast

I had no idea what to look for to be honest, and I read up on this while walking and looking around at stalls. Anyway, I ended up buying this string of freshwater pearls from one of the stores near the rotonda. We haggled like mad to bring the price down, and eventually got this and another bracelet for Php 1,200.

A string of freshwater pearls

A string of freshwater pearls

Bye resto!

Bye resto!

While waiting for the shuttle downstairs, I realized that it suddenly became cloudy. I had a very good feeling that it would rain (because I had ESPN or something) and I was not wrong.

What’s worse than a rainy flight? A delayed flight of course. At the back of our minds, we have a very good feeling that this would happen. Given the track record of all flights in the last months (and if you watch the news closely), there have been frequent delays in Philippine flights.

It was raining --- HARD

It was raining — HARD

We had to be transferred to another (earlier) flight, because our flight would be substantially late. I think I heard my name being called thrice by the Cebu Pacific front desk, and we had to get our things inspected several times in between transferring from the check-in counter and the boarding area.

While I was relieved that we were transferred to an earlier schedule, the worst thing was yet to come. I had a case of a lost luggage.

I think this is Ilog Pasig

I think this is Ilog Pasig

I already thought of this, and Mon and I were already jokingly discussing the lost luggage on of his colleagues experienced on their flight from the US back to the Philippines. I was laughing so hard how the luggage ended up in Puerto Rico (PR) instead of the Republic of the Philippines (RP). And karma was so quick that I had a taste of this. LOL

Because we were transferred back and forth between two flights, they did not manage to load our check-in luggage to our flight and put it on the next flight instead.

Cebu Pacific's email address

Cebu Pacific’s email address

I was so afraid of all the horror stories about the lost luggage and I asked assurance from the ground crew in Manila if they can deliver it within the day. To cut the story short, it wasn’t delivered the same day and that was the same time where the rain fell really hard in Metro Manila, putting all forms of land-based transport to a halt.

We got the luggage the next day but we promised never to check-in a luggage again if ever we could avoid it.


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