Back in December, days before 2014 ended, I got a bit contemplative of plans and what lies ahead of me. And to my surprise in January, I finally got a call from one of the organizations I’ve been sending an application to since 2009. Now that everything is official and I am already rendering my resignation, I’m happy to be moving on after 7 years from my current company!

This is it!

This is it! Nice to be in Makati again!

I had lots of disappointments since the time I finished graduate school in 2012. To say that it was a struggle is an understatement. However, I’m not discounting the fact that something fruitful still came out of my experience applying to an organization in Manila and the other in Makati. Sometimes, I get used to being asked the same questions that it helped me more convinced of whatever I am talking about. I also almost left the company in November, but the terms of my supposedly-new employment were not properly agreed upon.

Then at last, after five attempts, I finally got shortlisted in this international organization. The exam and interview were slated the following day, and I was extremely nervous. I felt that it was my last chance to be in the sector, because, honestly, I had already half-given up. I had decided weeks earlier that if things were not to go well with this last one, I’d still be leaving my company anyway and just use my French with another. I know that I have a strain of idealism within me, and I prefer that I use both my language skills and International Studies in the job I’d be pursuing (which is quite rare here in the country). I knew that a lot of things hinged with this last hurrah.

I have prepared so much for those two days, and it was like studying for DELF or my comprehensive exams again. I knew that failing would make me upset so hard, especially I gave myself an ultimatum again. The exam was how I expected it to be and it was the same thing for the interview. All in all, the application process took two months, and as every job hunting person knows, waiting is the most grueling part. When I was informed of the results, I cried so hard because I knew that all my prayers and hard work paid off. Looking back at everything that happened to me from 2013 until last year, I knew that it was worth the wait.

The long wait is over

The long wait is over

One lesson I’ve learned from the whole experience: do not to give up easily. They also say that good things come to those who wait, but I guess we must also do our part while waiting. My mentality whenever I take an exam or attend an interview was to leave no stones unturned and come out of the room knowing I could not have done otherwise. At the same time, I try to discipline myself not to think of what could have been. However, I also let myself wholeheartedly feel the disappointment upon hearing any unfavorable news (read: cry if it makes me feel better) before I set my eyes on another goal. Job search fatigue is no joke.

Again, no words can express how delighted I am right now. ^_^ I know another chapter of my life is in front of me now, but I also have to be ready with the challenges that the new post entails. I’m so happy that I have a close group of friends and family who are ready to lift me up or to share good news with. Three weeks to go before my new adventure begins!


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