Dinner is ready!

When was the last time I had planned an event? The good thing about my new role is that I get to do the same kind of organizing I did in my former humanitarian role. The better thing? I will not be doing it alone.

For this thanksgiving dinner to our sponsors, I had been planning in the last 3 weeks with our intern. She’s also taking up International Studies and she was (luckily) assigned to our department.

Table set-up

We had been in constant contact with the focal person from Makati Shangri-La. It was tedious, and that is all I am allowed to say. LOL

It has been 4 months since we launched our program. The students are already on their 2nd term. Time flies so fast and before we know it, they are graduates.

I had been hosting a couple of our events recently. But I have never been more nervous than this one. When you are in front of such a group of people —- unarguably some of the movers and shakers in the business community here in the Philippines —- you get butterflies.

All fresh with our intern

Do I make a joke? I know this is not too formal, but how far should my off-the-cuff remarks go? And the questions go on and on.

It was a very intimate gathering. It was a rare opportunity to be talking to them. I barely ate that afternoon, thus I wolfed everything down. Well, except for the dessert because it was non-keto. That is what a Php 2,000+ meal tastes like. O_O

I am most likely telling a joke here

I am most likely telling a joke here

Hopefully something good comes out of this event. In the next months, our program will be diving deep into another adventure with the students. This will be the proof of the pudding and all eyes are on us. I am positive that the students will deliver.

Photo with our distinguished guests

After a long evening

I was dead tired after the event. All the running and chasing after the people paid off. Everyone showed up, and we could not have been happier.

Now, it’s time to enjoy the lights.

Waiting for the Grab ride home


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