Crushed patent leather love

Sometimes, I cannot believe my luck when it comes to bags. It was so random to chance upon something as cool as this. I just hope that I get to be as lucky with other endeavors that I have. ^_^

I remember seeing this crushed patent leather tote at the Purse Forum years ago. At first, I thought it looked glittery. However, it was just the effect of, well, crushed patent.

Fast forward to last weekend, this beauty landed on my lap (or shoulders to be more correct):

Details of the Yves Saint Laurent Odeon Crushed Patent Bag YSL

Details of the suede and patent leather

Yves Saint Laurent Odeon Crushed Patent Leather Bag YSL

Yves Saint Laurent Odeon Crushed Patent Leather Bag

The bag is surprisingly light for its size, but very unstructured. If the information is correct online, it is from S/S 2008. That’s almost a decade ago! Considering its age, it still looks amazing. While it looks waterproof, the suede parts are a dead giveaway that it is not for a heavy outpour. A mist of Collonil Waterstop will do the trick, but I already finished a bottle and it was not at all cheap.

It has a snap close, which can be both a good and bad thing. It is not too fidgety, getting things our of the bag. But it is virtually useless against pickpockets either.

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It has been a while, this type of photo

See how big the bag is? Notice how dressing up was already ancient history with me. It is just too hot in Manila. Moreover, I usually just walk from my place to the office since working at my current organization. When you are already getting old, you go for comfort more than anything else. Make way for the all-new, basic me! LOL



    • Yes it is the perfect size! At least not my whole arm had to go inside when looking for stuff =)

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