Celebrating the 9th

As cliché as it may sound, time indeed flies fast. Today marks our ninth anniversary together, but we are not even leaving the city. In the coming weeks, we will be on to new chapters of our professional lives, thus it is best to just celebrate here.

Frolicking in Nami Island

Anyway, given this important transition in our lives, we decided to just eat somewhere nicer than usual and watch a movie.

At the New World Hotel lobby

At the New World Hotel lobby

While the New World Hotel is quite near the office, I have only been inside a couple of times. These were for courses at work that I had to either attend or present. I was also lucky to eat free lunch at Café 1228 during those times, so I thought maybe we could eat here together. Good thing that MetroDeal has vouchers for the buffet (a huge discount), which I bought only a day before. As it was, as expected, a weekday, it was quicker to reserve a table.

Before we attack

Before we attack ^_^

As you know, I’m a complete plebeian when it comes to food. As long as the food is edible and does not have ginger, I’d eat it. #GourmandAlert While I read so-so reviews about the food at the restaurant, I completely disregarded them as the food was good the last time I was there.

The thing about buffet is that I normally do not have a strategy. When I’m hungry, I just get anything at the first stop. This, however, limits my successive trips. But for this occasion, I had a better strategy and tried my best to sample as many stops as I can.

Look at my food

Look at my food

I did my best not to eat rice on my first plate, and downed as many meat variety as I could. For the second plate, I did Mediterranean with hummus, pita bread, olives and cold cuts (not shown in photo).

But for the third plate, I already lost any sense of identity. I was about 90% full by the time I get my fourth plate, but the turkey was calling my name.

I should not have eaten these grapes. I finished my run off with desserts: leche flan, chocolate lava, mango cheesecake and carrot cake. I did not finish the last one because it tasted a bit funny (either that or I was already full to the brim).

A motley sampling of the buffet

A motley sampling of the buffet: Japanese, Mexican and Italian in a single plate? LMAO

We stayed for 2.5 hours (LOLOLOL) inside the restaurant when we finally threw in the towel (or the table napkin). We have a movie to watch at 10:00 PM, but I was already falling asleep from being full.

When we reached the cinema in Glorietta 4, it was just the two of us inside. Well, it was only 9:30 PM, I thought and we were too early.

It's just us before the start of the movie

It’s just us before the start of the movie

This is us

This is us!

But around 9:53 PM, there were still no other people inside the cinema and I was really nervous. I wanted to pee so badly, but scared myself to go to the bathroom.^O^ Where the hell are the others!

It did not also help that Mon had to comment about seeing “a child” running around the cinema, which scared me out of my wits. To think that he wanted to watch a horror movie instead of Dark Tower!

Anyway, the others eventually arrived at around 9:58 PM. Still very few people but at least I was less unnerved. Overall a very nice night that left us looking forward to our 10th year in 2018!


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