Dinner is ready!

When was the last time I had planned an event? The good thing about my new role is that I get to do the same kind of organizing I did in my former humanitarian role. The better thing? I will not be doing it alone.

For this thanksgiving dinner to our sponsors, I had been planning in the last 3 weeks with our intern. She’s also taking up International Studies and she was (luckily) assigned to our department.

Table set-up

We had been in constant contact with the focal person from Makati Shangri-La. It was tedious, and that is all I am allowed to say. LOL

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Officially rainy and Jupiter setting

As of yesterday, PAG-ASA has announced the start of the southwest monsoon. This only means that the rainy season is already upon us, and I can now wear my boots again! This also means not using lot of leather bags. While I had a good experience with the Collonil Waterstop spray, it was just too costly. The bottle only lasted for about a month, with the rotation that I do.

To welcome the rainy season (that just seem wrong), I used a canvas bag with minimal leather parts.

Gucci in black canvas and leather tote with silver hardware, Doc Martens 8-hole boots

The silver hardware is reminiscent of the Gucci Jackie bags

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An unexpected QC turn

While I don’t usually post work-related stuff, I think I will make an exception today. Nothing in the content is sensitive with the work that we do and it was too interesting for a day not to write about.

I was only given a couple of minutes to breathe after I arrived in the office, when my boss asked me if I could join her to Quezon City. At first, I thought we were visiting QC Jail, which I have never visited. I have been inside a couple of detention places before but I have never visited the one in QC. It turns out, we had to go to QC to quickly drop by a workshop.

Rainy Guadalupe

Rainy Guadalupe

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