Manila Night Crawlers

I am not sure how the title sounds, but it seemed apt to what we exactly did one Saturday evening. We have been seeing beautiful photos of the City of Manila at night making the rounds in social media. This crawl had been long overdue, but, despite the quarantine and working from home, we did not have much time.

Well, we finally did it with our trusted 25kph max e-scooters. Our first stop, chase the sunset at Manila Bay.

Manila Bay does not look that filthy from here

From our place it took only around 15 minutes to go there. We haven’t been this close to the sea for more than a year. While Manila Bay is not exactly a beach resort, seeing see birds, a floating restaurant, boulders, and seawater was a welcome respite.

Disclaimer: I had to remove my face mask ONLY for this photo. Yes, I wore the same thing as my last post! 

There were a couple of families who were there. I thought 16 year old kids are not allowed to be outside because of the quarantine protocols. But I don’t blame them. It has been a very long movement restriction in the Philippines and kids may not be handling this very well. We even allowed Brie to drop us off back to the apartment last New Year — the farthest she had been since being at home since March 2020.

This was my first time to see Manila Bay’s famous sunset

On the other hand, I was most excited to see the sunset. I realized that I have never seen the Manila Bay sunset, despite growing up in Metro Manila. Shocking.

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After more than sixteen years! Pangasinan!

Earlier this week, there were rough talks between Papa and his siblings whether we would be going to Pangasinan for All Saints Day. It was not only until a couple of days later that the plan was finalized, but the exact time of departure had been uncertain. October 31 was not declared  a holiday, and it meant that we (Mon and I) would have to come all the way from Makati after work because I thought that we would be leaving at 4:00 AM.

On our way to Marikina on a cab, we were eventually told that we won’t be off until 9:00 AM the following morning. When they said 9:00 AM, I knew that it meant 10:00 AM, which I did not mind at all because I was hoping to sleep longer. I had already prepared myself to sleep during the long ride to Pangasinan, but to lie down on a bed will always be way better.

Hello Mt. Arayat!

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Puerto Princesa Trip – Day 3: Honda Bay!

I’ve been waiting for the Honda Bay tour because, of course, it concerns the beach! Same as yesterday, we were picked up by the guesthouse at around 7am, but it was better because we only had two companions with us — a couple from Makati who went on a vacation away from our kids. On our way to the port, we stopped by a rental place for snorkeling gears. I even rented a case for my digital camera and it was not exactly cheap.

The drive going to the port was around 30 minutes, and we could not be more thankful of the perfect, cloudless skies because it has been raining since we had arrived the other day. The port was already packed with local and foreign tourists waiting to be transported to the islands. After a quick group photo, we already embarked the boat that will take us to Starfish Island.On our way to Honda Bay Island Hopping

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Puerto Princesa Trip – Day 2: Underground River

For the second day, we had to wake up very early at 5:00 AM. The tour agency would be picking us up at 7:00 AM, and as there were six of us, it was wisest to just prepare really early, rather than making them wait. Good thing that the McDonald’s near our place is always open 24/7, so we had quite a heavy breakfast. Time flew by and it was almost already 7:00 AM and somebody knocked on our door; it was the guesthouse owner informing us that the tour agency’s vehicle has arrived.

The weather, just like yesterday, was a bit rainy, and we also had to pick up two other groups of people before we head to Sabang Beach. It was an extremely bumpy ride and Mama, who is so used to travelling a lot and do not readily get motion sickness, ended up puking as soon as we stopped outside the entrance of Ugong Rock Adventures. I initially thought that we were only to stay for a couple of minutes, thirty minutes maximum just to visit the place. But to my horror, we spent the next two hours and a half waiting for the other guests to finish their ziplining and the cave exploration. It drove me up the wall. Had I known that we would be dragged to this mess of waiting, we could have chosen another agency that would bring us quicker to Sabang.Ugong Rock Adventures

The poor boy got sick over the bumpy ride

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