It is already March 2022

It has been more than a year and 1 month since I last posted. Where was I the whole time?

This blog will be turning 10 this June, when I have first written this entry back in June 1, 2012. But I also have a still active Tumblr page last time I’ve checked, which I first opened when I turned 25. I am turning 37 this year, and I am still here, albeit writing sparingly.

Proof of Life 2022

Unfiltered proof of life 2022: if there is one thing I have learned in the last few months, it was moisturizing. I knew at one point all those all-nighters will catch up on me. >o<

So where do we start?

Twenty twenty-one had been a pivotal year for me. I had never been more adult than the year that was. Remember my house in the uplands which I last visited in January 2013? It took about 6 years until the 4th quarter of 2019 for me to visit again the property, which had expectedly seen a state of neglect.

I was determined to start being serious with it again by that time, but the pandemic hit. Everything was put to a stop. It took until March 2021 for me to get the ball rolling with the renovation of the property because of Ulysses from November 2020.

That whole renovation process and the successful full payment of my Pag-Ibig loan (19 years and 10 months ahead of the maturity date) deserve their own post, so I’ll just share this before and after:

Our townhouse - before and after

Our townhouse: before from March 2021, and after from August 21, 2021. Notice I even had to spraypaint my name by the door because there were several people reportedly claiming the property when I neglected it. Good thing there were no trespassers.

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Building up slowly!

To all my (silent) readers, I want to let you know that this page is still alive! (And a HAPPY NEW YEAR too!) LOL I might not be as diligent with updating BRYOLOGUE lately, but I am still here! I have been (yet again) keeping tabs on a lot of things, thus the delay in posting. But most of all, A LOT of things have happened since the last time I gave an in-depth view of my day-to-day activities. I just finished renewing my self-hosting, and I could not believe that a year has quickly flown by since I had bitten the bullet.

To cut the chase, this is the most significant update of my life:

I'm finally home, I guess. =)

I’m finally home?

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Rêve de neige

Toddle Elsa and Toddler Anna dolls with Olaf - Disney Frozen

Toddle Elsa and Toddler Anna dolls with Olaf (click to zoom)

I finally had a very good Christmas compared to last year. =) Exactly a year ago today, I was in a mortal peril and the vivid memory of what transpired that time seemed to have happened only yesterday. But what is past is past, and I was more than happy to pig out on things I never got to eat last year. We were also back to our normal tradition of letting the kids open all of the gifts under our tree. We line them up from smallest to biggest, and allow them to tear the wrappers one by one. I was most particularly excited for Brie to open her gift because Elsa finally got a sibling. But to my astonishment, she seemed more delighted with the books Mon and I gave to her, which is always a good sign. Hopefully, she gets to like books the same way I do until now. The whole Christmas morning until afternoon, I was busy playing with JB’s toys and I even took a couple of ensemble photos of Brie’s Frozen dolls a day after.

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I don’t mean to be offensive, but…

Oops... a feathered headdress

Oops… a feather headdress

Last week, Faye told me about her discussion with some of our office friends on statements opening with “I don’t mean to be (racist/offensive/whatever)”, which ironically sets the tone for whatever sentiment you did not want to come across. With our recently concluded year-end party (a.k.a. Christmas party), our lovely colleagues had chosen bohemian as this year’s theme. A year ago, it was supposedly The Roaring Twenties, which I thought was offensive and tacky in the midst of Yolanda’s destruction in Central Visayas. Good thing it did not push through, which was a good call. We also had a fashion ball (where I wore a T-shirt LOL), a masquerade, a Filipiniana and some other themes I already forgot.

I already had an ominous feeling for this Saturday’s event. Given that its bohemian, people will most likely wear festival clothing for the event, and it won’t be complete without the presence of a headdress. I have read an article written by ‘Outstanding Warbonnet’ from The Prague Review last September on ‘How not to wear a warbonnet‘ after the annual cheerleading competition that I had watched. Just as we thought that the event would conclude without any headdress in sight, ‘lo and behold, several of these popped from thin air just in time for the obligatory fashion show.

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