Busy, busy Friday

Two and a half months since I got discharged from the hospital, I am already used to getting up earlier than my alarm clock to eat breakfast and then take my early morning meds. However, I still haven’t shaken off the habit of pleading for a few minutes more before rolling out of bed. But as It is Friday today, I had a lot of things to do before Mon and I go to work. I was finally able to submit all of the requirements for my SSS sickness benefits last Tuesday and I was told to return today and get my papers. First of all, it was a very long process and I had no idea if the delay was on the part of my employer but I did not expect it to be that delayed. It took us only three minutes to get my papers from SSS Makati (along Gil Puyat Ave.) and was advised that my employer would be the one to compute how much I would be getting. Then I also needed to wait around thirty days of who-knows-what because I did not exactly understand what the lady explained.

Doctors Without Borders exhibit in Alliance Française

‘Doctors Without Borders’ exhibit in Alliance Française de Manille

Then from SSS Makati, we just walked to Alliance Française to finally get my diploma for DELF. I even checked my email prior to leaving the apartment just to make sure I would be getting a different one from last time because I thought that the coupon bond one I received last November was already the diploma. I remember being a bit disappointed with it because the already-lost PLIDA certificate I received seven years ago was in colored ink, printed on a fancy paper. Good to see that the DELF diploma was also as fancy and official looking as that one. ^_^

Since we were already there, I thought of looking at the next schedule for the DELF/DALF examinations and the May schedule will be on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd. I know that I have initially contemplated on taking the next C1 level but I might probably attempt to take it this October/November again instead. I don’t think I am ready to take another exam within the next two months and the fee costs about Php 500 more than the level below.

Finally got my DELF diploma!

Finally got my DELF diploma!

On another happier note, tomorrow is my 29th birthday! I can’t be happier of celebrating my birthday again for another year, given what happened to me a few months ago. I’m also gaining weight! My thighs and legs are looking less and less stick-like as I am 160 lbs now! I am still taking one day at a time, though, convincing myself to relax and to not beat myself up. I have to admit that I still get kind of frustrated over my plans from time to time, but the lesson of patience still lingers in my head. I’ll just do what I have to do at the moment and let things fall into their respective places.

Black Chocoolate flannel shirt, black pants, Red Wing 8875

Life is wonderful!


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