Bryologue Turns 6 Today!

Six years ago, in an attempt to create a separate avenue for self-expression and practice writing for my comprehensive exams, I had created BRYOLOGUE. It was even hosted for free at, before I ventured into self-hosting in January 2015.

I admittedly become absent here from time to time, but I should not let this anniversary pass without an entry. I haven’t even managed to post one on the 5th.

Several times I have been informed by friends and acquaintances that they have stumbled upon this website. Again, it makes me feel uneasy when they bring this to my attention. But then again, whatever they read here, they must accept the frivolity and, at times, candor that I offer.

Although I don’t promote at all, I’ve seen several Facebook posts grabbing photos here, but with proper attribution. However, there were also times that I saw posts using my photos without asking.

Anyway, after transferring to the laboratory back in March, we will be going back to the pool downstairs starting Monday. All things considered, it is best that we sit there along with the other programs.

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One on the guitar, one on his laptop

Who will not love this modern lab? However, it is really fair enough we go downstairs again. So, goodbye lab! Those were fun three months with you!

Today also marks a week since I decided going into keto diet. Keto gets a lot of bad rap, and I had also mistakenly thought of it as nothing but a fad. A fat-based diet? Boo. But I had been exercising since September 2017, and I have yet to see a marked improvement.

I cannot remember where I read about this, but I got curious. I have read a lot of stuff to make sure that I did not go in blindly and compromise my health. I have decided that I will do it for health reasons, considering that last February 2018, my blood works showed abnormally high triglycerides. According to this, “consumption of simple sugars and refined carbohydrates are the single biggest contributor to high triglyceride levels“.

With a target date in mind, I have slowly decreased the amount of carbohydrates from my diet. But mid-way last week, I ate a plate full of pasta. I was so lethargic after that I drank two cups of coffee in the afternoon. That was a wake-up call.

Back in 2006-2008, I have stopped eating rice. But on the other hand, I was also on a calorie restricted diet, brought about my fear of gaining weight when I had to stop training for the squad for a semester to prioritize schoolwork. Nevertheless, I know that I will be more intelligent this time around. I will no longer be the impressionable kid who got carried away with Hedi Slimane’s ideal of a man from Spring/Summer 2006. Yes, I have seen the runway show at the early days of YouTube, and the finale definitely made a mark.

So for this week, I had been extra conscious of my food. I personally bought our dinner from the grocery, incorporating as many healthy sources of fat as possible.

Keto beef patties slowly cooked in olive oil

Beef patties (with minced garlic) with mozzarella cheese and mixed greens

Mouth-watering mozzarella

Mouth-watering mozzarella

In this week that I started the diet, I felt less bloated, more energized, and had cut the number of coffee I take in a day. On the other hand, I was also mindful of the dreaded ‘keto flu’, brought about by the shock of the body moving from carbs to fats as source of fuel. I was ready with the soups and other fluids to replace my electrolytes, especially in this critical week. The closest thing I had to being lightheaded was Saturday last week when my body was revolting from the shift.

Compare the before photo:

Oops, a bottle of beer (last 11 May 2018)

To this:

Goodbye, my favorite hexagon! (Our crown jewel, Joji, can be even seen behind)

The result of one week (same date taken today, June 1, as the photo before the cut)

I will most likely be moving to a Targeted Keto Diet (TKD) soon, as I become more fat adapted. I have noticed that I have a bit of trouble sustaining weight training, although I can go on and on running at the treadmill. It felt euphoric to be running.

Going this route takes a lot of dedication. Mon initially joined me, but was extra grumpy even on his second day. We had been fighting over the simplest stuff. LOL He eventually quit by the third day, which came as no surprise as he was so much into desserts.

As for me, I just need to follow this: Keep Calm, and Keto On.


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