Brie’s DIY Lady Rainicorn costume!

When we were informed almost a month ago that this year’s Trick or Treat would have “Adeventure Time” as its theme, I was at a lost because I had zero knowledge of the cartoon. LOL Thanks to Google and I began to understand its universe. It was really a silly show with lots of innuendos, but thanks to Lady Rainicorn, I had been cracking up since I’ve learned she speaks ONLY Korean! It was one of the most bizaare things I’ve heard and the nonchalant way that the dog, Jake, responds to her cracked me up even more.

Princess Bubblegum and Lady Rainicorn


In the Candy Kingdom

Back to the Trick or Treat, JB was originally about to attend it as well, but he had his examinations until yesterday so I was left to only look after Brie. I had been thinking of what costume she’d be wearing for her first ever Trick or Treat. Looking at the set of seemingly human characters on the show, a lot of them were either variations of a princess, and the only almost normal looking one was the axe-guitar wielding vampire. Not great choices. First of all, I thought that a BILLION little girls would want to be dressed as that Princess Bubblegum. It is a walking cliché if you ask me. I would not want my niece looking like the next two dozen girls beside her. I then zeroed in at this weird Lady Rainicorn. Who would not want a colorful costume for kids’ Trick or Treat? I personally always look at the bizaarely colorful looking one during rounds of kids. So after debating over how to properly do this, I decided that if I were to go colorful, I might as well push the envelope. Colorful is nice, but sequined colorful is way beyond nice and pretty, it is Lady Di!


Adventure Time Halloween


Our floor was decprated to be the Candy Kingdom and for days, I attest to how my colleages have painstakingly decorated the floor for the event and I just wanted to take one of those makeshift flowers home. I knew instantly that Brie would be heavily photographed. How would you not notice a sequined, rainbow-colored unicorn, with a bright yellow mane and tail cascading towards the floor? That would be very hard to ignore! All the days of manually sewing the colors on that hoodie paid off. As for Anne, Mon just asked me to sew this pink velcro tutu from 2 yards of pink tulle and I had a lot of fun sewing it as well over a couple of episodes of SATC.


In the Ice Kingdom


With Princess Flame


The other floors were decorated as the Fire Kingdom and the Ice Kingdom from the show. In all fairness to the latter, their floor was decorated very well and the kids had a great time having their pictures taken with the penguins. The people from this floor even had a production number of snowflake-covered girls dancing to a non-ice related song of Rihanna (which was completely weird).

By lunch time, their plastic pumpkins were already brimming with candies that we had to empty them out and keep below my PC because we would be visiting another location in McKinley. Unfortunately, the place was a fiasco as ever. I have never our McKinley offices and the airconditioning in their elevators need a lot of work. I grew tired of moving around and transferring one floor to another that we stop about halfway of it. Brie had been slowly complaining and wanted to get out of her costume. it was understandable because it might be slightly heavy for a three year old. =P


Finn and Jake hosts during the program


Fun inside the inflatable


So after the McKinley stop, we then went to next venue for another program. We only stayed for about an hour because I could no longer stand the noise, booming music and the uncouth adults, who should be serving as good examples to their kids. There was this one girl, a memebr part of the organizing committe, who had been egging her two kids to cut the line for the inflatable above. The nerve of that lady. I took a picture of her and I will be sending it to the HR, once they sent a feedback survey as they always do after an event.


DIY glittery and fantabulously weaved Lady Rainicorn costumeAnyway, by the time we got back to Makati and retrieved the candies we left back (and eat dinner as well), Faye wanted to take a picture of Brie with her costume on and the latter willingly obliged, as long as she won’t be wearing it for a long time! Look at the state of her weave, I mean the mane and tail. It has been through a lot that day that there was no point combing it again.

So what did I use to make this costume:

1) Pink hoodie from Landmark: Php 150

2) Pink net-like pants from Landmark: Php 80

3) Two yards per color (five) of that sequined stuff from Carolina’s: Php 70/yard

4) Two yellow wigs from Toy Kingdom: Php 199/each

5) Lots of patience for handsewing

As much as I want to make a better version of it, our sewing machine is still on loan as it was used during the preparation on my brother’s wedding earlier this month. The almost five days of manual sewing could have been done in a day if only I had it with me, but all was well. I managed to finish it on time, and I have the most bestest fantabulous Lady Rainicorn costume ever! ^_^



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