Brick and black

Few months ago, I wore the same top and pants as today but with the only brown pair of Doc Martens I have. Then I realized that I have never used the pants with any of my black DMs. But then again, I only wore the pants a few times more than my usual black ones.

Blue chinese-collar polo, brick pants, 8-hole Doc Martens, Mulberry wexford messenger briefcase - Manila, Philippines

Mulberry wexford messenger briefcase and black 8-hole Doc Martens - Manila, Philippines

Honestly, as the weather was still hot, I get too lazy dressing properly for work and I just go the office in the most basic things (a T-shirt most of the time) and just change with the clothes I keep in the office. But recently, after almost five years, I just found out the location of the shuttle station near our place that services all the way to Ayala Avenue, Makati. For years, I thought that the only station was near Concepcion Church and they only operate in the morning. I really could not remember what triggered me to research about the other one that operates until afternoon, but I got there anyway. For five consecutive work days, I’ve been taking the shuttle service and it was really more comfortable (as expected). Also, this comfort now allows me to give ‘better’ office dressing another chance. =)


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