-BER signals the start of the stuff-yourself-full months

Once the clock struck 12, I felt extremely happy because it was already the start of the -ber months. Here in the Philippines, it usually signals the start of the Holiday Season. And true to form, while we were waiting for our food to be served in “French Baker” in Ali Mall, the Odyssey kiosk nearby was already playing English and Filipino Christmas carols on repeat! Christmas is nearly upon us, and once All Saints is over, the Christmas fever will be on full-throttle.

French Baker is LOVE! --- Ali Mall, Cubao, Philippines

French Baker goodies: clockwise – Chicken Pesto Cream, Chicken Parmigiana, Mango Crêpe and Soup in a Bread

To commemorate this day (melodrama, LOL), we decided to eat a very happy dinner  and forgot our longing for Korean food even for just a day. I, for one, really look forward to all the festivities, but a part of me dread how it will affect my overall attempt to shed few pounds. I have stopped exercising since I’ve started reviewing for my exams. And now that they are already finished, I should be pushing myself back to the bike. Well, the chain of the bike was broken and needed fixing, but it’s something I have already done before. It was just procrastination all over again and nothing will happen if I will just sit and eat and wait for things to happen.

Monday, the 3rd of September, has to be the start of my renewed attempt to get back on track. If I were to indulge in the months to come, I better do something while we are still in the onset of the eating games.


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