Beating myself up

I’ve studied for six straight hours in the library and it even reached a point that I was about to cry. I was really exhausted. I’ve already beaten myself to a pulp to catch up on the lost weeks of studying. I know that I won’t be even able to study all of the materials listed in the reading list for the comprehensive examinations but I don’t know why I’m even pushing myself.

Cookies, oh cookies!

Cookies, oh cookies!

I arrived in the office feeling extremely hungry. I had eaten brunch before leaving the house but I did not bother eating another meal until past 3:00 PM. I then turned to food to keep my energy up. Good thing Mon gave me these biscuits and I even ate a cup of hot noodles to change my mood. I think I need to get over punishing myself for missing important reading schedule and be realistic on what I can and cannot read in a day.



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