And then there were lights!

Inspired by the lights of Dulcinea from last week, I finally decided to drop by the Pasay Branch of A&S Lamps in Libertad. I had ample time to look around and decide very well what item to purchase because I could not afford to make a mistake. Everything we put inside the apartment should serve a purpose and be as space efficient as possible. Before coming into the store, I have already brought out a piece of paper containing the measurement of the little cabinet near our sofa bed. I did not want to end up with a bulky lamp.

Stepping inside was like a dream, as lamps in varying shapes and sizes (and prices as well!) were plastered in every direction. I have never been inside an A&S Lamps store, even if I constantly see that branch in Aurora Boulevard while riding the LRT2. The latter had a bigger store, I guess, because the Libertad branch had none of those ceiling-to-floor chandeliers.Lots and lots of lights - A&S Lamps in Libertad, Pasay

I went straight away to the table lamps, because they were the first ones I have seen near the display window. However, it did not prevent me from looking at other pretty things, especially the hanging lamps and chandelier. I really love lights! A big part of astronomy has something do with lights (uhmmm most of the light we see from stars with a naked eye travelled milions of years ago) and I was particularly interested with the optics part of Physics. Even if I don’t get to differentiate most of the colors in the spectrum, it has never stopped me from appreciating how wicked light can be.

I was hoping to buy one of those rounded ceiling lamps as well. We needed just the decorative, covering part because we still have the mounted part operating well. However, I assume that the last person who stayed in our apartment might have clumsily attached the original one and it might have fallen to the floor and got broken. They do not sell that part separately, though, so the only consolation we have was just to change the round bulb (I don’t know the exact term for that) from the clinical white to a warmer one… A variety of chandeliers from A&S Lamps in Pasay

… and we finally did it! Our room now looks a million times better and that change of lighting definitely did wonders. I’m still thinking of ways on how  to cover the ugly and dripping paint job of the previous tenant, maybe repaint it completely?From white fluorescent to a warmer one



As for the lamp shade, I got this one below:Our new lampshade

I don’t have any idea how much lamp shades run in Landmark or SM, but I think Php 780 was a fair price for this silver with glass piece. I could have gotten the red one but I think it would excessively pop out of that portion of the wall. That token “pop” has been already reserved for that silk scarf framing project of mine, which has to wait for a couple of weeks or even months. I might be wrong but given the new lighting in our modest apartment, the total look just stepped up considerably. I can wolfwhistle now. ^_^One step at a time




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