And the ANTM comparison won’t cease — Naomi’s ‘THE FACE’

A new promo for the up-and-coming Oxygen Network show was up in Coco Rocha’s YouTube channel! The trio (Naomi Campbell, Coco Rocha and Karolina Kurkova) will be the coaches of the contestants for the show slated for 2013. Earlier in July, Naomi announced a casting call in New York and Los Angeles, looking for women 5’7″ and up who will become the face of a major national brand (I wonder what brand would that be).


But any ANTM fan (or those who treat ANTM as their guilty pleasure) perfectly knows that the two models with whom Naomi with had been previously in the Tyra-produced show. I still remember Karolina Kurkova materializing out of thin air in Cycle 15, ready to give a talk over nutrition with the girls. While Coco Rocha had a stint in one of the very Lanvin SS2011/Dolce and Gabbana SS2011-inspired photoshoot depicting violence and aggression in the All Stars Cycle. Until now, I think it was a very curious choice to pick them as mentors with Naomi. Was it a deliberate shade/statement towards Tyra? To make matters more interesting, Nigel Barker, the ‘noted fashion photographer’, will host the show.

Anyway, I still undoubtedly believe that Coco Rocha is still one of the best posers in the industry, and she was clearly able to transcend the commercial route as well, while maintaining a considerable grip with her high fashion side. Karolina Kurkova, of course, is more known to most (ordinary) people as one of the Angels, cementing her commercial value. But with a steady appearance in high fashion runways, you can surmise that she also has the best of both fashion worlds. So I guess it is really a good move for the producers of this new show to have them because they are eloquent and engaging in front of the camera.

The hypothetical statement presented in the video “If they coach them, fame will come” was very straight-forward. Not trying to drag in the ANTM-dilemma here but I’m just hoping that whoever gets picked as a winner will turn out as a legitimate, working high fashion model. It has been a long time since a product/winner of a modelling competition outside the ANTM franchise, like Suvi Koponen and Gemma Ward, was able to penetrate and make a distinctive mark in the business. But as it is Naomi we are talking of here, I think the outcome should not be taken lightly. As for the entertainment factor, it will be interesting to see how they will play this competition out on screen. Will it be drama-rama galore> I certainly hope not.


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