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I mentioned two years ago that I have already abandoned a DIY project. I still wasn’t able to find any acid dye here in Metro Manila to refurbish a tessuto robot tote from 2009. However, this unexpectedly turned up and it was whole again! That is exactly what I hate the most with these bags because they are made with separate components and you risk the chance of losing any parts when it gets snagged onto clothing or other things.

Two Prada Tessuto Robot 6 tote bags

Two Tessuto Robot 6 tote bags

Black Prada Tessuto Robot 6 and Green Prada Tessuto Robot 2 Tote Bags

Black Tessuto Robot 6 and Green Tessuto Robot 2 tote bags

On a different note, I got an email to take an exam from another organization for a post to be filled by January 2015. The exam was unlike the one I took the other day, as it was relatively easier because the translation part was from French to English. I knew that I should have read their website more closely to be familiar with the words used. I translated ‘assiégée’ as both  attacked and besieged, but I later on found out that the latter was more correct. Well, at least I employed both words to be sure to still get points. The whole process took four hours to finish, and my head was already swimming by 1:00 PM. I’m hoping that I did well because it is another interesting opportunity; but we’ll never know what they are exactly looking for.

Elevator ride - Uniqlo stripes polo shirt, skinny khaki pants, Red Wing 2913 boot and Prada Tessuto Robot 6 tote Prada Robot Tote

Elevator ride

Honestly, I’m very nervous about all these examinations I took. I may never be eventually selected, but I can’t always console myself that to be always considered is definitely an honor. LOL It would have been better to be actually selected for a change! =D But then again, the world is my oyster; and if one door closes, another one will definitely open for me in the near future. Kung hindi uukol, hindi bubukol. I have a lot of plans ahead of me and I should be happy to have the chance of doing all of these again!


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