After the flood

It has been almost two weeks since I last wrote an entry, given the then-impending first part of my comprehensive exams (August 6 — which was also Mon and I’s 3rd year and 11th month together) and the second part that I took last Monday. But my exams are not to be blamed because the southwest monsoon (locally known as habagat) just put us through a very rough time – a very scary flooding episode. >_<

Our flooded house - Habagat Philippines

The flood was less than a foot and a half short of totally submerging our first floor and it was really scary. One thing I’ve realized during that experience was we can never EVER rely on the government to save us from a similar event. I vow to buy our own rubber boat just in case.

I’ve spent the whole night waking up from my very shallow sleep each time the rain would fall down. Very traumatic. The whole world might already know my cellphone number and I spent that night waiting, asking and begging rescue for my family. Ugh.

After the flood - Habagat Philippines

Ugh. I hate mud. - Manila, Philippines

The funny thing was when I realized that there will be flooding, the first things that I tried saving were my shoes. Priorities, I know. LOL And for good measure, I have put ALL of my bags in the uppermost cabinet of our house! I can’t afford to have them submerged in water, the same way most of my bags met their doom in Ondoy.

As you can see from the picture below, the water reached the same level as the sole of my 14-hole Doc Martens. All but ONE pair got submerged and unfortunately, it was my favorite brown pair. >_< I have thoroughly cleaned it and applied a liberal amount of mink oil to at least restore the leather.

YSL Sneakers and pairs of Doc Martens almost got drenched - Habagat, Philippines

My very dirty brown 8-hole Doc Martens surviving the mud and flood - Habagat, Philippines

But I felt really bad for our dogs, especially that my beloved Sophie had to endure this sort of thing again. When we finally went home, she was so happy to hear my voice that she sprinted all the way down and pounced me with her muddy paws. Very lovely. ♥

My very loyal and lovely dog, Sophie - Habagat, Philippines

Anyway, we’re still not finished cleaning the house because my mother has a TON of unnecessary stuff. I’m quite proud of myself that I was able to take the second part of my comprehensive exams in spite of everything that happened. I almost reached the point of crying last Sunday because I was still not yet done reviewing and the nature of the exam concerning international events was very wide that ANYTHING on the news can appear as a question. I narrowed it down to the Euro crisis, Syrian Civil War and the Iranian sanctions.

And for good measure, I have  squeezed in the ASEAN ministerial meeting and the South China Sea question because I had a good feeling it would be asked, and I was right. But not a single question about the Arab Spring and I also thought that North Korea’s missile test last April would appear, but I don’t have enough information to back my argument.

I only have one exam left, and given that it fell on a regular holiday, there’s a great chance it might be moved to a later date. This whole month has been one big blur and I did not even feel the presence of the Olympics. Good thing — the Spice Girls admittedly gave me life last Monday! It was all I’ve waited two weeks ago!

(Photo from

And don’t you just love Victoria being Victoria? LOL

And even if the incorporation of fashion and the models below were slammed by people, I did not even care. Stella Tennant looked amazing in Christopher Kane!



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