“YOU KNOW YOU CAN’T BE LAZY!” These books are now ‘On Shelf’!

Since I had gotten last week the list of required book readings for my International Studies comps two weeks from now, I waited for these two key textbooks to be returned. That abysmally delinquent very busy person was supposed to return both of these on July 2, 2012 but had the sense only after more than three weeks.I've been waiting for a long time! At last!

I’ve got no choice but to wake up very early tomorrow just to snatch these books from the Asian Center library as soon as it opens because other people might be also on the lookout. So if you, reading this, are also waiting for these books to be returned, you’ve got no chance. When “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” was released on July 21,  2007, I was the first in line at Fully Booked – Gateway since I arrived at around 4:30 AM. You have no chance against me!

I needed these books for the 2nd Part of the examinations because it concerns special cases/current events. Good thing I have the wonderful “Cooking by the Book” mash-up by Lazytown and Lil Jon as my alarm tone to snap me out of sleep. LOL




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