Winter perfect: PathFinder boots

Yet another post on the things I will be bringing for our winter trip to Seoul. =D The jackets that I will be wearing are all ready, but I still can’t decide on what shoes to bring. I thought of packing just two pair of shoes and I will definitely bring the brown 8-hole ones because they are the most comfortable out of the bunch. When we went to Seoul last year, I brought my white Nike Air Force 1 because I thought that any sports shoe would do the trick of keeping my feet from hurting. I was still wrong. The pair was comfortable, all right, but it did not stop my feet from aching after a day’s worth of walk. So the pair that I will be bringing with me next time should be the most comfortable.

Black PathFinder PF 8902 boots - shoes


I then stumbled upon this pair of boots. I like the buckle and strap details, similar to another pair of Doc Martens I currently have. However, I am not familiar with the brand PathFinder, but I remember seeing a guy in Hong Kong’s MTR from May 2011 wearing the same style of the sole:

This pair of shoes from

But then again, Google is my friend and it has confirmed my hunch that it was a China-based brand and I similarly found its website. And with the help of Google Translate, the shoes finally had a clear provenance. =D It costs 1450 yuan as listed online , or about Php 9,500, which I think was quite costly. O_O Then with further research, I found out that they use the same technology used by Goodyear in their tire production, which ensures that every pair produced will be able to withstand everyday wear. Let’s see about that.

The PathFinder boots (PF 8902) in their official website

Black PathFinder 8902 boots as worn by me --- pardon the humongous legs LOL

Anyway, no matter how much it costs, I’m desperately hoping that it will hold up in that dreaded Seoul winter.


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