The perfect balancing act

Finding the right balance - Givenchy luggage and J. Peterman Mailbag

Finding the right balance – Givenchy luggage bag and J. Peterman Mailbag

The past few days have been a continuous balancing act. I stressed myself out in reviewing that I did not even bother opening anything yesterday (Wednesday). And then I am now looking at the things to read and planning out on my head if I would be read them later. It’s like a high-frequency wave with extremely close troughs and crests, when all I needed was a progressive curve where I can learn interesting tidbits and relearn things I might have forgotten to prepare me. My study partner also felt the same way as I did previously. She was at the point of breaking down because of reading and felt like she was cheating on her schedule. I know, and she knows it as well, that we should already be at the crunch time but we have a nagging feeling that we are still slacking off.

But we at least agreed on doing something: if we were to do bad or good in the coming examinations, we must at least put an effort to look really good while taking them. We’ll be dressed to kill before we get killed. LOL


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