The lovely vintage Coach glove tanned leather

Vintage Coach Metropolitan briefcase/messenger bag in black glove-tanned leather

For years, I did not really mind Coach bags. I know a lot of people are attracted to it but I can’t seem to find a reason to covet one. But when I heard that their glove tanned leathers are quite sturdy and hardy, then I began my quiet and non-active search for one. I was lucky enough to score this vintage Coach Metropolitan messenger bag online last January.

It was unfortunate, though, that the one I got did not have the leather strap. As much as I want top handles, I’m used to slinging straps over my shoulder in a default manner. Nevertheless, I managed to find one from another Coach bag. I just took the strap and ditched the original shoulder bag.

So, every once in a while, I look for another glove tanned leather bag in a similar style but a different color. I found another one listed on eBay but the price was quite exorbitant. I’m in no hurry and I know the right one will come along, the same manner I got this beautiful one I currently have.


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