The cliché: all my bags are packed, I’m ready to go!

I finished late in the morning packing because I had so many things in mind to bring that I wasn’t able to decide right away what to leave and what to pack. For the first time, I will be checking in a baggage because the winter clothes are quite bulky but not exactly heavy. I will also not be using my Keepall 50 as it doesn’t sit well (literally) above Mama’s trolley, which I will be bringing. Instead, I opted for the Givenchy duffle, whose most expanded dimension was still enough to be comfortably put above the trolley.

The cliche - all my bag are packed, I'm ready to go - Seoul, South Korea


We will be in Seoul barely for a week but I’ll be bringing three outerwear, five sweatshirts, three scarves, three pair of gloves and two pair of shoes. I think I was able to at least bring the important things to protect me from the freezing cold. I can’t remember a time I stayed anything closer to 10 degrees Celsiu, but the temperature in Seoul now registers around freezing point.

Winter-ready - this is it!

On another note, I still haven’t finished our itinerary, save for our Nami Island + Petite France trip on the third day. I was too caught up thinking of what to pack that it took a lot of time from planning our itinerary. I am also still currently charging every battery and cleaning up the memory cards of the two cameras I will be bringing. Similarly, I’ still waiting for my download to finish — the last 5 episodes of MasterChef US Season 3, which I will watch in the airplane. =D

To be quite honest, I was initially very excited with the prospect of experiencing but when I first saw the snowy pics of Seoul online and how thick the precipitation was on some areas, I got a little cold feet (pun intended). I just hope Mon and I won’t feel sick or anything close to that during the trip because I did not want what happened on our anniversary trip last September to occur again. I owe him big time for cutting our trip short and we won’t be able to back to the country on a whim anyway!

I’m hoping that we’ll have a blast for out Seoul trip. This is it! After months of waiting! Even though Mon will be bringing his laptop with him, I will most likely be unable to post for the upcoming days because I will most probably be knocked out when we return home in the evening. Seoul, here we come! Fight!


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