Unlucky Thursday

I was supposed to do lots of errands today but the unofrtunate event of leaving my wallet at home meant that I became instantly paralyzed. I just realized about it when I was already very far from home, when returning meant that I will be late in the office. I checked my bag and saw that I only have my coin purse with me, containing money enough to go to work. LOL It was extremely deplorable.

Of course, I informed Mon even if I already had a feeling I shouldn’t have. I knew what was coming for me and it was him giving me a sermon over my habit of changing bags frequently. It wasn’t the first time that I left something at home because I change bags, but it was the first time that something as vital as my wallet got left at home. I knew he was right but I still did not want to be told about it. That was or is my unfortunate behavior — stubborn and headstrong.

So I just borrowed money from an officemate rather than borrowing from Mon and went straight to the nearest AIR21 in our area. I was rushing to reach the cut-off for same day shipping but I was shocked to see this posted on their door:

AIR21 in Convergys has moved

I am a JRS Express loyal customer (Farmers Plaza branch to be more precise) but it was the most convenient thing to do earlier because I was in Cubao with no money and had no means to ship what I needed to ship. The nearest JRS to this already-closed AIR21 was only about 2-minute walk and I was fortunate enough to reach the cut-off.

I amo now holding on to my coin purse as if my life depended on it because it contains the last money I have for the day. LOL It was infuriating and hilarious at the same time. I am using the black backpack I’ve used in our Seoul trip and finally had the energy/will to clean its contents.Old receipts, maps, brochures and all other things were  finally taken out. I have even lined up the things I will transfer from the previous bag so I won’t forget anything — but I still did. My wallet was in the secret pocket of the other bag and no wonder I forgot about it.

Anyway, I personally think that I no longer change bags as often as before so Mon’s claim was technically invalid. =P Meanwhile, I had to think of ways to get me through this day with only several pesos left in my pocket. LOL