Ave Avedon!

Last weekend, I received three vintage magazines in the mail from my favorite seller: two US Vogue (February 1993 and April 1993) and an issue of American Photo March/April 1994. The third is a special one because it was dedicated to the great Avedon.

A whole issue dedicated to Richard Avedon - American Photo March-April1994

A whole issue dedicated to Richard Avedon: see the Diva (i.e. Dovima with the Elephants) wearing YSL for Christian Dior to the right? It is one of the top twenty most expensive photographs in history.

I can’t even remember when was the first time I’ve heard of his name, but I have a memory of his images from decades past.

When I first searched for Twiggy, Penelope Tree and Veruschka online, I found out much later on that most of their dreamy photographs were taken by Avedon. Twiggy’s headshot with those insanely long lashes, Penelope Tree with the black Halston dress with that ornate metal neck detail, and Veruschka in that epic Great Fur Caravan.

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The lovely vintage Coach glove tanned leather

Vintage Coach Metropolitan briefcase/messenger bag in black glove-tanned leather

For years, I did not really mind Coach bags. I know a lot of people are attracted to it but I can’t seem to find a reason to covet one. But when I heard that their glove tanned leathers are quite sturdy and hardy, then I began my quiet and non-active search for one. I was lucky enough to score this vintage Coach Metropolitan messenger bag online last January.

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Coveting this Givenchy duffle bag

Givenchy Black Luggage Duffle Bag

Leather bags are not always practical because aside from the weight to manage, the humidity during the rainy season makes it difficult to clean and maintain them. However, when I saw this Givenchy bag online listed at a very attractive price, I’m coveting it all the same. I have sent the seller a message the other day, asking about specific details about the bag. When I finally decided to get it, alas, she won’t even bother to reply.

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