Tailor-made: the chop

The last haircut in the salon I had was before the year changed to 2013. From that time until last week, I just go to the barbershop to have the sides shaved again. Of course, the top part will eventually grow out extremely long that my hair just begins to have a life of its own. I had no plans of having it cut today, but as I started feeling uncomfortable, I had to do something.

Getting this mop-of-a-hair chopped

My hair looked like a field of grass blown by the wind

I think that I’m also beginning to take a leaf from my mother’s book. When she goes out, she makes sure that she’ll do A LOT of tasks in a single day to make getting out more fruitful. That was also what I did today. After getting a haircut, I went to the Marikina City Public Market to buy some fabric. I’ve been wanting to have two more pants made from the same tailor who did the two black pants I use for work. I wanted a pair of darker khaki pants (from the one I already have) and another pair or navy blue ones. I think I can use my other pair of shoes, other than the black 8-hole Doc Martens and Red Wing boots if I have these two pair of pants with me. I have no idea of particular fabric names, so I just wore a pair of khaki shorts made from the fabric I hoped to find.

An afternoon in Marikina City Public Market

Khaki and blue cotton twill at Php 190 a yard

In the section selling dry goods, I went to the second floor and approached right away the first stall selling fabric. I asked if they have a fabric in khaki, similar to the shorts I was wearing but they told me that they did not have oxford. So it was news to me that I was looking for an oxford fabric. They only have cotton twill so I left looking for this oxford fabric in another stall. I think most stalls were having their siesta because there was a long row of stalls with no people looking after their merchandise. Then at the far end, I approached another stall and asked for oxford fabric. The old lady responded they have none, so I asked if they have a fabric similar to the one I have, holding out the hem of my shorts. To my surprise, she loudly exclaimed “Eh cotton twill naman ‘to eh!” , so I mentioned that the other stall said otherwise. She then retorted “Ang boba nila kamo!”, which left be gobsmacked. O_O Anyway, I ended up buying a yard and quarter for both khaki and navy blue fabric and immediately left for the tailor.

Where the magic happens --- my favorite tailor in Marikina

The tailor, Mang Joel, getting the measurement of my other pair of black pants

Arriving at the tailor’s shop, he immediately recognized me and asked if I have my fabric with me. I got them out of the paper bag and I told him that he can pattern it after another pair of pants he made for me a year ago, which I also brought with me. I was told that I will be getting the two pairs next Sunday. I paid half of the total price and hoping that he’d nail the pants again. I only trust Mang Joel when it comes to my tailoring needs. I seldom buy from the mall, unless the fabric is exceptional, but for everyday needs, I just have them tailor-made. My legs are quite big and I’m not exactly tall so mall-distributed pants eventually end up being altered. The best thing about this, I spend less having them made than buying them in the mall. For example, the fabric I bought earlier costs Php 190/yard and I always need a yard and quarter for a pair of pants. So for Php 237.50 (fabric) and Php 400 fee for the tailor, I just shelled out Php 637.50. I highly doubt I can find the same price on the mall, which usually needs alteration of the length and that costs me around Php 100.

On another note, I just found out that Mon’s father has permitted Lot to pursue her studies in UPLB! I’m so delighted and I can only imagine how happy Mon and Lot were upon getting this confirmation. There’s no more need to fight our way through for reconsideration! Congratulations, Lot, for being a fellow Iskolar ng Bayan! Welcome to the University of the Philippines and I hope you’ll have a great time being an Iska!

And before I forget, tomorrow will be the first day of comprehensive examinations for the second semester takers! It seems only yesterday when I was also faced with same daunting task to finish graduate school. I’m sincerely hopeful that my classmates and friends taking the first part (of three) will have a calm mind and not panic with the time and pressure of answering correctly (not to mention, ballpens breaking down or hands shaking from hours of writing). I will be going to UP tomorrow to wait for them to finish and give some moral support, and hopefully those who listened to me and actually sought my advice will help others as well in the happy event that they pass. Pay it forward, guys. =) In bocca al lupo!

Food trip to compensate for the ‘lost’ Baguio trip!

We did NOT push through with our Baguio trip. There I said it. However, as it was not that well-planned, it was no surprise for us that we did not continue with it. I only began searching for guesthouses yesterday but all of the people I asked had no vacant rooms. It then took me a few hours to realize the reason for this — it was Panagbenga Festival season in Baguio City now. How did I miss that crucial part? Maybe because I was under the impression that the festival happens on the summer months (i.e. March to May) but I was honestly not that enthusiastic to visit Baguio when there will surely be a lot of tourists around. We could have gone yesterday but decided to just spend the day together and eat, eat and eat. =D We can always go back to Baguio on the latter months of the year, when Ikle will be back in the country, finishing his graduate thesis.

We first got our tickets for our 7:25 PM movie in the fourth floor. Good thing we reserved our seats the night before on SureSeats because aside from the number of people queuing for tickets, all of the seats for Jackie Chan’s Chinese Zodiac (a.k.a. CZ12) were either reserved or sold already. We then went to Super Bowl of China to have our early dinner. We ordered food enough for the three of us, because we always tend to over-order and end up forcefeeding ourselves just not to waste food and money. We had crispy noodles, lemon chicken, steamed fish and fried rice. It was not our first time to order this set because it was our fail-safe choice of dishes. Ikle mentioned that these dishes were much better than the food he eats in China, imagine the irony of that. He had a kidney problem two months ago because of the extremely greasy and salty Chinese food. If his friends were to come to the Philippines in the future, he asserted that he will definitely bring them to Super Bowl of China.

Pa-sweet lang - Super Bowl of China, Trinoma

Waiting for the food

Super Bowl of China dishes

Forty-five minutes before the screening time, we headed back to the fourth floor to eat dessert: crêpes from Café Breton. Ikle had no more ‘available compartments’ in his stomach but I urged him to eat even the simplest crêpe just for the spirit of eating together. At that point, I felt like the witch forcing Hansel to eat. LOL

Menu of Cafe Breton, Trinoma

Somebody fell under the soporific spell of the flash =D

Ikle and I - Café Breton, Trinoma

They have a pretty lighting here - Café Breton, Trinoma

Eden, La Pinay and Almond and Honey crepes from Café Breton - Trinoma

While waiting for the movie inside the cinema, Mon got an amazing news — his sister has passed the UPCAT and got her chosen course of BS Mathematics in UPLB! She was the same sister whose UPCAT test permit I had personally applied for in June 2012! We were so delighted over the news that we got stinkeyes from people sitting in front of us as we were that noisy — sorry for that. In spite of the big news, our mood was temporarily dampened when Mon mentioned that there might be a problem because their father might not be too happy with the prospect of their daughter studying in UPLB. But we dealt on that over coffee after the movie.

Didn't know what this slice of cake was called - KoCCo, Sky Garden, SM North Edsa

A bunch of cakes from KoCCo, Sky Garden, SM North Edsa

So from Trinoma, we went to the Sky Garden of SM North to have coffee and cake in KoCCo. I forgot what KoCCo stands for but it was our favorite place to hang out, before Ikle went to China in August 2011. We then went on brainstorming on how to best persuade their father to permit her sister to study in Los Baños. She can transfer to Diliman after a year, provided she conditions herself to study VERY hard and not be too comfortable there. We just felt so bad over the idea of her giving up her slot and letting the opportunity to be a UP student pass (yes, opportunity). I was also running searches on my cellphone over reconsideration procedures in UP Manila and Diliman. However, based on what I’ve gathered, Diliman does not allow reconsideration, while UP Manila might reconsider her.

U.P. Diliman: 2.2 – no reconsideration
U.P. Manila: 2.285 – 2.5
U.P. Baguio: 2.659 – 2.574
U.P. Tacloban: 2.7 – 2.7
U.P. Cebu: 2.7 – 2.7
U.P. Iloilo: 2.7 – 2.7
U.P. Mindanao: 2.75 – 2.75
U.P. Los Banos: 2.42 – 2.8

Looking at the widely available list above, she might be reconsidered for UP Manila because she was admitted in UPLB, wherein a UPG 2.42 is needed. If their father’s concern is the proximity question, we were hoping that she can hopefully get in UPM and let’s just see what’ll happen next. But the best solution will be for their father to allow her to study in UPLB, so that they won’t have to go through the tedious reconsideration process, which usually takes until the last week of May/first week of June. Not a lot people have patience for that, and other universities might be already starting their respective classes. I think she’ll have a strong case, considering she is an UPCAT passer, asking for reconsideration, contrary to those who did not pass wishing to do so. But who knows? As always, the pain of waiting is indescribable, but nevertheless, congratulations Lot for passing UPCAT!