Undergrad nostalgia photos

I received an email earlier from the department that the graduate office was asking for a copy of my 2nd semester/AY 2009-2010 Form 5. I had no idea where I had placed it and since it was last used three years ago, I was ready to bet that I have already lost it.

I was very eager to immediately go home after work because I wanted to search for it in all of my boxes of trinkets. As expected, I did not find it. However, I was happy to see several things associated with my undergraduate life in a shoe box I have stashed inside my drawer.

Nostalgia photos - ticket, notes, classcards and Form 5 - UP Diliman

In one of the binders with Cattleya fillers, I have several tickets and receipts in the cover. It has Mariah, Alicia Keys concert tickets, as well as the ticket for the first time that I’ve watched the UAAP Cheerdance Competition in 2003. I remember that it was sold to me by my PE instructor right that Saturday morning, and I dragged myself to Araneta to watch it in that jampacked Upper B section. After that event, I was more than determined to try my luck to be part of the team.

I also found several notes for my language classes. I even found a yellow pad paper with a French translation exercise given by a visiting professor — translate Nina’s ‘Love Moves in Mysterious Ways’ into French. It was a peculiar exercise and we couldn’t believe that we were made to translate that song. Turned out that he liked the song so much that he asked all of his assigned classes to translate it. But the paper that I found really funny was the one with my notes for our Latin class. I barely remember anything from that class except for “Mulus gemit” (The mule groans) and “Sumus agricolae” (We are farmers). It was my lowest numerical grade ever (at 3.00, I barely passed the class) but I was most happy to get that grade. Latin was excruciating.

And then, when UP used to issue tangible classcards (they now release them online through CRS), we had to sift through a pile of classcards and look for our names. What was embarrassing about it was that other students/classmates would be able to see your poor grades while looking for their own. News about who got a failing grade would readily spread out. Looking upon my classcards in my box at home, I saw my two INC classcards, one for English 11 (literature something, where I had to endure the extremely soporific” The Iceman Cometh“) and the other was Kas 1 (Philippine history). I was wondering why I did not tear nor throw them out.

Lastly, my first ever Form 5 in Diliman from 2003, containing my basic French classes and the badly spaced schedule of classes. I had classed from Monday to Saturday (except Wednesdays) and the breaks were quite long that I even had time to go to SM North and loiter before going back to school. Also, it was my most costly semester ever, at Php 6,266.50 when it used to Php 300/unit in school. Of course it was a different story nowadays when the tuition for undergrad drastically increased. I remember peeking at the Form 5s of the students I was with in the queue for payment and it was not strange to see theirs marked with Php 25,000 and up. Eeeek! That can already about 5 semesters during my time.

I counted the wrinkled and yellowed Form 5s from my undergrad and they were all present. Imagine I have kept each and every single one, including the summer classes but I managed to lose one of my graduate school Form 5. Some things do really change over time and one of them was diligence. LOL


Big Bang Alive Galazy Tour 2012 poster

(Photo from philippineconcerts.com)

Forgive me for the upper case letters in the title but I’m just extremely looking forward to Big Bang‘s concert here in Manila next week! We got our tickets when they were first released in July and it was Mon who fell in line for them. There will be four of us watching: Mon and I, Lot (Mon’s sister) and Faye. And as the concert will be held at exactly 8:00 PM, we have no choice but to file a day of vacation leave just for it.

BIG BANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 Manila Tickets - Philippines, YG Entertainment - SM Tickets

I’m not gonna lie: the tickets cost a lot! We only availed the Upper Box seats, and at Php 3,700 (plus the Php 200 SM ticketing charge), we are desperately hoping that the show will be worth it! The better seat at Lower Box B cost Php 3,170 more than our tickets but given the bizarre seat configuration in SM MOA Arena, I think the prices were quite justified. The first and last time I have entered the venue was last month’s UAAP Cheerdance Competition. We were seated at the Lower Box B, enough to gauge that the viewing experience at the Upper Box MIGHT be tantamount to peeking at the bottom of a ravine. LOL

Anyway, what I’m most excited about is the crowd. This concert will only be the 4th K-Pop-related event I’m going to witness. The first one was 4Minute‘s mall tour in SM North way back in 2009 (with Faye), the second was Super Junior’s concert in 2010 (with Mon and Gina), and the third one was 2NE1 in Araneta from last year (with a lot of my officemates). Aside from the idols, the people watching are always a nice spectacle to see, especially on what they will be wearing. As young and easily impressionable some of the fans are, you have to admire the guts of some who wear the most outrageous outfits in these events. One time, I saw a guy, about thirteen years old, wearing a bubble vest with a (faux?) fur hood! Mind you, this was in the middle of April, when summer was officially ablaze in Manila! Provided that next Wednesday will be the concert of South Korea’s most stylish boyband (and yes, I confer that title to them as G-Dragon can single-handedly live up to that), I expect crazier outfits from the fans. I just hope that cameras won’t be banned or else I would have to find a way to sneak one in.

One more week to go and I must try to memorize some lyrics. When all else fails, I’d just mouth ‘watermelon’ and the known-English words in their songs. LOL

And we retained the championship! UP Pep Squad is love!

I think even the heavens were not that happy with  the competition being held at SM MOA’s Arena. I thought I was in San Juan’s fiesta because the sky was throwing buckets of water with a wind machine. Good thing I had an extra shirt with me because I was quite drenched when we reached the Arena.

Outside the gate that is not Blue (I forgot the name), I saw some of my former teammates:

With my former teammates - UP Pep Squad alumni

Inside the Arena, I did not feel the usual goosebumps from anticipation and the infectious crowd I get from Araneta. It was that bad that I did not even notice the competition has already started.

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