If Gaga were not on the cover…

Honestly, I never thought that it’d be this difficult to get this year’s September issue. I usually see the following month’s issue two weeks even before that particular month arrives, but I was surprised how tasking it was to obtain US Vogue September 2012.

Since I finished my exams on the 23rd, I resolved to buy an issue because buying it prior to the exam was a sure way to distract me from reviewing, given that it will be the largest ever in their 120-year history, surpassing 2007’s September issue by 76 pages (of advertisements).



National Bookstore Trinoma - US Vogue September 2012 Philippines

National Bookstore Trinoma

I was puzzled when Fully Booked (Gateway) did not have them, because I usually buy my copy from them, and even other book stores did not have a stock. I never thought I’d see the day that I’d hate seeing Marion Cotillard’s face everytime I comb the magazine section.

Last Saturday was my ultimatum. Mon and I went to Trinoma: first, Powerbooks and they did not have one. Next, to National Bookstore and I was first happy to see these fabulous ladies holding copies of the issue:

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Anglomania before the cinema: Westwood and McQueen books

After dinner yesterday, we went straight to Trinoma to get our tickets for ‘Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme‘ starring Eugene Domingo. Good thing for Sureseats because there were a lot of people queuing. And as we already have reserved ours, it just took us about three minutes to get them.

So we then spent the next 45 minutes browsing books in PowerBooks. I picked up this London street photography book and I fell in love with this snap of Liberty’s display window in 2010 as a tribute for Alexander McQueen. I’m quite infatuated with the Union Jack since Geri Halliwell wore that infamous outfit in the 1997 Brit Awards. Yes, I loved the Spice Girls. đŸ™‚

Alexander McQueen - Liberty's window display (2010)

Alexander McQueen – Liberty’s window display (2010) on the book

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