Upcoming projects: leathercraft

Saddle stitch on leather

The impeccable and virtually indestructible saddle stitch on leather

(Photo from britishblades.com)

I’m so glad that tomorrow will be the third and final part of my comprehensive examinations! I have lots of things to do in mind and the prospect of finally carrying them out makes me a bit giddy due to excitement. One project I hope to do was dabbling on leathercraft!

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Around Metro Manila in “Bourne Legacy”

Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz in Marikina Public Market

(Photo from wired.com)

Much has been said and done about “Bourne Legacy”, especially it was shown for more than two weeks ago. I only got the chance last Saturday to watch it, together with Mon and my almost-8-year old nephew who was a big Jeremy Renner fan. When he watched “The Avengers” last time, he was hooked in the Hawkeye persona to the point that he was hinting on wanting bow and arrows for his birthday two weeks from now. Not gonna happen.

Well anyway, my dear nephew fell asleep for about 15-minutes when the scenes were all talk and I can’t blame him. It was a PG-13 movie but I think if it were not for Jeremy Renner, he would not be happy to go with us to see it. But upon the mention of Manila, there was a progressive murmur of excitement among everybody inside the cinema, in anticipation of how the Manila scenes would be depicted in the movie.

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After the flood

It has been almost two weeks since I last wrote an entry, given the then-impending first part of my comprehensive exams (August 6 — which was also Mon and I’s 3rd year and 11th month together) and the second part that I took last Monday. But my exams are not to be blamed because the southwest monsoon (locally known as habagat) just put us through a very rough time – a very scary flooding episode. >_<

Our flooded house - Habagat Philippines

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Memory enhancers: Ginkgo biloba

I have never tried taking memory enhancers until today. Desperate times need desperate measures. I’m just reminded of that scene in Harry Potter where Ron and Harry were desperate participants in the heavy trade of memory enhancers to help them in their O.W.L. exams. Hermione confiscated them because: a) they don’t work, and b) they are sometimes dangerous.

Glutaphos tablets - Manila, Philippines

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