The bamboo and the milliner

I haven’t been looking at bags for quite some… time inside thrift stores . As a result, I was so delighted to see these two unexpected items. It was an unplanned trip because I was already on my way to Makati from Marikina. But as I was already in Cubao, I might as well drop by one store just because I had to.

First, it was this vintage Gucci leather case with bamboo zipper pulls and gold hardware. The poor thing was just sitting on the eye-level shelf of a five layer rack for pouches and clutches, but I immediately recognized the zipper pulls even from afar. It baffles me how anyone would miss or ignore such iconic bamboo accents. Judging by how it originally looked, the leather body had already seen better days and had a lot of superficial stains. Those were perceivably enough deterrent to prevent anyone from picking it up. However, I knew right away that the leather used was one of those hardy Gucci leathers. A slight pressure from my thumb had removed a little smudge at the surface, and it was not something my trusted pair of leather cleaner and conditioner could not handle. Here’s a look at what it had looked before I restored it:

Before restoration of the vintage Gucci bamboo cosmetic leather bag

Before restoration of the vintage Gucci with bamboo zipper pulls

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If only I had extra money to spare: Fully Booked

With two hours to spare before our movie last Sunday, we went to Fully Booked just to browse the pages of interesting books for sale. After a few minutes, I just realized that it was impossible: they have already sealed all of their books. As much as I like the store layout of Fully Booked stores than Powerbooks, at least the latter allows people to open their books and sit on one corner. I love books, but lately, I’m reading more and more on my Kindle. So basically, we just spent a considerable time ‘book covers browsing’.


fully booked bookstore gateway mall cubao quezon city books manila philippines

Fully Booked – Gateway Mall

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