It’s a wrap, 2017! (My year-end essay LOL)

And just like that, another year has ended! While everybody on Facebook is busy submitting their year-end essay, I chose to post a haiku because, well, I have this page to write to my heart’s content! ^_^

The haiku is roughly translated as:


Last day of the year

And later, it’ll be the first

So go, eat some more!

Not shading everyone on Facebook, writing lengthy stuff about their year. I was just being cheeky! I actually enjoy reading them, save for some with irrelevant #humblebrag.

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Building up slowly!

To all my (silent) readers, I want to let you know that this page is still alive! (And a HAPPY NEW YEAR too!) LOL I might not be as diligent with updating BRYOLOGUE lately, but I am still here! I have been (yet again) keeping tabs on a lot of things, thus the delay in posting. But most of all, A LOT of things have happened since the last time I gave an in-depth view of my day-to-day activities. I just finished renewing my self-hosting, and I could not believe that a year has quickly flown by since I had bitten the bullet.

To cut the chase, this is the most significant update of my life:

I'm finally home, I guess. =)

I’m finally home?

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Back to reality

It is a Wednesday and we are officially back to reality and must go back working. Before leaving the house, I thought that it would rain but barely 20 minutes off from home, I was cursing under my breath the humid weather. For a start, I’ve decided to pair again my khaki pants with these Red Wing boots because I think they were a perfect combination. Besides, I know that I should be more smart and stop spending on clothes and there’s nothing wrong with repeating to wear the things you love over and over again. =D

Checkered shortsleeves polo, skinny khaki pants, Red Wing 875 boots, Prada nylon and saffiano backpack - Manila, Philippines

I arrived in the office and saw that Mon was wearing almost the same thing as me again. However, his was on red while mine was on… whatever color mine was. It was not the first time that such thing happened because last September, we had the same thing on. He also began wearing his glasses because of astigmatism. And again, we have the same style of frame but in different colors.

And we got identical glasses

Of course, just like everybody elese, I had to drag myself to work because four days of rest seemed very short. =D Not that I wanted to start the year off in the office marred with laziness but I just can’t stop thinking of my bed, our dining table and our fridge. LOL In all fairness to me, I was able to exercise for an hour by riding my bike again, and even gave our two dogs a bath. I think I’m off to a good start because I seem to start shaking the lazy bug off and get a move on with the things needed to be done.

New Year and my brother got engaged!

The first day of the year and I slept until almost noon. I was extremely full from the previous night’s festivities and it took me a good hour before I went to bed. So for today, I was set to clean my room and the house as well because I always believe in an organized place before embarking on a new endeavor. Then by late afternoon, Mon dropped by our house to greet all of us a “Happy New Year”. =D

My brother proposing

And then on Facebook, we saw a picture uploaded and found out that my brother has already proposed to his girlfriend! Yay! That was a surprise! We knew until last night that they will get married on May and it was only today that he has proposed. Until last night because they will put the wedding off until January 2014. O_O The good thing about that news was summer will all be about mine because of my graduation. =D Just kidding.

Some red wine for tasting

To cap the first night of the year off

For days, I did nothing but eat, eat and eat. It was not as voracious as the previous years because I was just sampling everything Mama has prepared. Nevertheless, I just felt extremely heavy and bloated and was resolved to finally start with my exercise again tomorrow.=D But for the last time tonight, I was really hungry and was scavenging for food in the refrigerator when my sister surprised me as she was still awake. I thought she was already asleep. As I was eating caramel bars off from the unopened box, she asked me if I can open the bottle of red wine in the fridge. It was difficult to open, as if it did not want to be opened but I got there in the end. My sister and I toasted and began drinking our first mini glass. I then asked if we have cheese but all we had was a box of quickmelt ones — I was hoping for some cheddar at least. Anyway, I had a nice time chatting with my sister and we were laughing our heads off on how stupid we were. LOL It was a nice way to cap the first night of the new year and I would not do it any other way. Now, I feel more optimistic of the year ahead because of some wine and cheese.