Winter (again!) in Korea – ski day at Bearstown Ski Resort!

extremely picture-heavy post

For this day, it was dedicated solely for Bearstown Ski Resort. I badly needed to see snow, as a couple of days had already passed without seeing a whole bunch of them.

To go to Bearstown in Gyeonggi-do, you have to take a bus departing from Seoul. To reserve a seat for the bus, I had sent an email to the bus company on the Thursday before leaving to Korea. You can email them at They usually reply within 24 hours. The roundtrip fare was KRW 5,000, which you pay once inside the bus.

We thought we would be picked up at Insadong, but they asked us to be at City Hall station instead. Without even eating breakfast, we left the hostel at around 6:30 AM. It was raining a bit and the moment we got out of the train, it only took less than a minute before the bus arrived. It left at exactly 07:10 AM.

Shuttle bus to Bearstown Ski Resort

Mon was a bit grumpy throughout the ride. He was extremely hungry the whole time and we did not arrive not until half past 9. >_< So when going to Bearstown, buy at least something for the ride, especially if you will be running late. Not a single convenience store was in sight around the exit at City Hall station where the bus stops.

Upon arriving at Bearstown, I forgot how mad Mon was. There was finally snow, so #byefelicia. Just kidding!

Winter Sky at Bearstown

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Winter in Seoul – Day 4: Lotte World and leaving Seoul

*extremely picture-heavy post

It has been three weeks since I last wrote a post regarding our trip to Seoul, and it did not help that this post concerned two things that made me unenthusiastic: Lotte World and leaving South Korea. From Simone Handbag Museum, we took the traingfrom Sinsa Station going to Jamsil station, which is connected directly to Lotte World.

BK Hospital plastic surgery advertisement in Sinsa Station

BK Hospital plastic surgery advertisement in Sinsa Station 2

Fountain with people sitting around it - Lotte World, Seoul, South Korea


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Winter in Seoul – Day 2: Cat Café in Myeongdong

*extremely picture-heavy post

On our first day walking around Myeongdong,  the sight of the Cat Café made our hearts skip a beat because of the potential cuteness inside.

Before going to Seoul, we had Gio Cat Café in mind but has scrapped the idea because it was too far off from the place where we stayed. It was in Mapo-gu and since we did not want to visit Trickeye Museum, nor it was futile to visit YG Entertainment’s bulding again, so we scrapped the idea.

Earlier that day, Mon with Cat Café's tarp outside --- Myeongdong

Earlier that day, Mon with Cat Café’s tarp outside

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Winter in Seoul – Day 2: Bright, snowy day

*extremely picture-heavy post

Continuing our adventure from the day before, we’ve learned our lesson on how to best deal with the extreme cold, and that would be putting more garments.

Granted that I had a hard time feeling myself and my surroundings with the clothes I had the day before, I thought that it would be easier to remove a garment and stash it in my bag if it gets too warm.

Timberland yellow puffer jacket, knitted Radic Color sweater, brick colored pants, black PathFinder boots

Bright, bright, bright

Knitted Radic Color sweater, V-neck blue stripes sweater, Vivienne Westwood wool scarf, brick colored pants, black PathFinder boots

I’m not ready

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