DIY-ing a Mulberry postman’s lock

DIY-ing a Mulberry Postman's Lock - BRYOLOGUE

I was really upset last Friday when I saw that the Mulberry Bayswater I received had a missing postman’s lock. I thought of ways on how to remedy this because I just don’t feel like carrying a Bayswater without a lock.

I had two options with polar consequences: 1) send the item to Mulberry to repair it; however, this means I will be shelling quite a sum of money not only for the repair, but also for the two-way shipping since we don’t have a stand-alone Mulberry store here in the Philippines (and the total price may even cost me more than what I paid for the bag); or 2) have the postman’s lock replaced by myself by getting the necessary part. But where do I get it? It’s not like they would send out parts upon request because of the fear of counterfeiters. *DING DING DING* Counterfeiters.

Fake Mulberry Postman's Lock from an Alexa

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The case of the missing Mulberry postman’s lock

I was expecting the arrival of the Mulberry Bayswater in Congo leather today but to my horror when I called their hotline, it was not to be delivered until Tuesday or Wednesday next week! So here is the true reason why my review session got cut off much earlier — I went to JRS Express’ Headquarters in Mandaluyong City, their mother ship.

JRS Express Main Branch in Mandaluyong City

JRS Express Main Branch in Mandaluyong City

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