Confession: I almost lost this ring!

I almost lost this special ringIt’s already past 3:00 AM and I am just about to sleep. Since I got home from work, I started looking for this ring, which I believed to be lost since after taking a bath. I did not know why, but it wasn’t where I usually place it. I left our house quite late looking for it and spent the whole day consciously keeping my left hand out of Mon’s sight.

The ring wasn’t really expensive BUT it has significant value. More than three years ago, when Mon and I were to go to Baguio for our first anniversary (my first time actually), I haphazardly bought a pair of rings before meeting up with him. I even had the day 09-06-09 and the word “MON” engraved inside the ring.

From around 1:00 AM until now, I’ve been searching everywhere with a flashlight on hand — from my room to the bathroom, hoping and praying that I’d be able to find it. I even overturned the trash can inside my room, paranoid enough to think that it was there. I even thought that my nephew or niece might have found it and stashed it somewhere.

Of course, Mon might most likely not know that I almost lost this ring. I’ve been searching for one online and was already resolved to find the same one tomorrow before going to work; but I knew that deep down that it will NOT be the same thing. I then gave it a last go and found it in the laundry basket! I can now sleep peacefully, promising NEVER to remove the ring from my finger no matter what I might be doing. LOL