Snow White and her expressionless mug

Egg, hotdogs and rice on a sizzling plate

Egg, hotdogs and rice on a sizzling plate

dairy queen sundae gateway mall cubao manila philippines

Dairy Queen sundaeI’m fine with cheat days. Saturdays and Sundays are admittedly the scariest days of the week because I know that I can’t escape eating with my SO, Mon. He’s extremely eagle-eyed of what I take in and we even had a heated argument last Saturday because of this. I was finally able to voice out my feelings about him watching over what I eat and the reasons why I have an ideal body image. We were finally able to find a middle ground, but just an extra measure, I reiterated that I did not want him mentioning anything about whatever it is that I’m doing and we should just carry on with our normal lives. Case closed. Hopefully.

But yesterday, without three days of exercise, I felt quite guilty of eating this grease fest on a sizzling plate. The caramel sundae from Dairy Queen was okay, though. However, what followed inside the cinema  was different — it was junk food galore. I opted not to drink any iced tea and brought water instead.

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