Bequeathing bags to others

Due to the rainy weather of the past week, my sister used my vintage Mulberry scotchgrain messenger for five straight days and that left mo no chance of using it. So yesterday, I told her that I wanted to use it as well and I would just give her my seldom-used Mulberry bag below:

Mulberry white scotchgrain bag with adjustable leather strap - Manila, Philippines

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Is it right to let go of this Keepall for a Bayswater?

The last time I’ve used my Keepall 50 was during our Seoul Trip. Since then, I haven’t even taken it out, unless you count that time when I took pictures of all of my stuff. Honestly, I no longer feel like owning one because I don’t get to use it and my fondness for the monogram canvas has been progressively dwindling.

Mulberry Bayswater in Congo Leather - Manila, Philippines

I now consider selling it to buy a Mulberry bag. I’m technically not buying any bag for months but I consider this move as a trade. I will sell my Keepall 50 and then get a Mulberry Bayswater in Congo leather, the same material as my agenda.

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Scratch-proof and weather-proof: vintage Mulberry scotchgrain!

I expected my last bag (before the indefinite ban) to arrive last Tuesday, but I forgot that it was a holiday. It finally arrived yesterday and I was very happy that it wasn’t that heavy. Don’t get me wrong, I love my wexford messenger bag so much but it can be very tasking to carry at times. I also have a white scotchgrain sling bag but the last time I’ve used it was on a trip to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia almost two years ago with Mon and my mother. I just feel that the shape and proportion was a bit weird whenever I use it.

The white Mulberry scotchgrain sling bag I seldom use (in Kota Kinabalu Int'l Airport), and an LV keepall - Mulberry Bag Philippines

The white Mulberry scotchgrain sling bag I seldom use (in Kota Kinabalu Int’l Airport), and a Louis Vuitton Keepall 50

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