See you again in July!

Today is Mon and I’s 4th year and 5th month together and a few minutes after the clock had struck 12, he gave me a piece of paper with a note and a drawing of the Eiffel Tower and some French macarons from Max’s. =D First of all, I did not even know that these are called as such, and I initially thought that there was a mistake with the spelling (i.e. macaroons). The irony of a French major not knowing French food.

French Macarons from Max's

We had a plan to meet up with Ikle today because he is going back to China tomorrow until the semester ends in July. As it is still winter there, I decided to just give him one of the trench coats I bought last November online. I was in such a hoarding phase that I bough two black coats, with this one in the smaller side. It fits me snugly, but coats are not supposed to be like. It should have a little room for the clothing to move nicely and coat’s purpose is just for cover. I had thought that he would love it.

Black Zara Man double breasted trench coat

Ikle wearing the Zara Man trench coat I gave him

So Ikle arrived in Makati at half past 4PM, tugging his suitcase back for China. As he already planned to stay in the house of one of his friends he met in China until his flight tomorrow, he already brought all of his things with him. Over coffee and some pastry, we talked about what lies ahead of us in the coming months, and possible plans when he finally returns in July.

Coffee with Ikle before he returns to China

Ikle, Mon and Gina

Ikle, Gina and I

Ikle and I - Purple polo shirt, H&M black v-neck sweater, brick pants, Red Wing boots

I actually felt sad to see him go again, but his return in July is definitely a shorter wait than the year and a half when he first left. LOL It was so weird to see time fly so fast, as we all felt that he arrived just a week ago rather than three weeks. See you again, Ikle, and don’t forget to eat properly but avoid greasy Chinese food as much as you can!

A few hours later, Mon and I had our late dinner at Tempura Japanese Grill right across Ayala Avenue, from our office building. I was still admittedly full but it was already late and we can’t put off dinner for another hour.

Tempura Japanese Grill

Waiting for our food to arrive

We did not order much but we still had a little difficulty finishing everything off: chiken roulade, mixed tempura, agedashi tofu and kaisen raisu.

Chicken roulade, mixed tempura. agedashi tofu and kaisen raisu - dishes from Tempura Japanese Grill

We barely finished eating the rice and tempura, and I was already gasping for air. I was really full. I honestly felt bad leaving something on the plate, as my siblings and I grew up being told not to leave even a single morsel. It eventually showed in my face and Mon had to ask me what was the matter. LOL All in all, it was a good day, even if it meant saying goodbye again to my friend for a few months. Happy 4Y5M again Mon! <3

And my friend is finally here!

My friend, Ikle, finally arrived last Monday morning and he was already complaining over how hot the weather was. LOL Coming from wintery China, it was of course too warm for him. We have already agreed that we will be meeting on Wednesday and I was so happy and excited to see him after a year and a half!  We had a lot of fun hearing stories about his experience of solitary living in China, having to live without initially speaking Mandarin and dealing with the rigors of graduate school.

What I thought as Chinese Oreo and Chinese Pepero

Given that it was just a weekday and we have already talked about a lot of things, we still have so much more to catch up with. He gave us these boxes of sweets from China, which I initially thought as Oreo (LOL It was really Oreo) and Pepero (Pocky turned out to be a Japanese brand). I will be meeting up with him on Friday when we go to visit UP, as well as on Sunday because my mother will be cooking for him as a welcome-back present. He has been very vocal about how much he liked my mother’s cooking.

His schedule, however, was jam-packed. Up until his last day, he has a lot of commitments and appointments with friends. But next week, we’ll have more time together because we will be visiting Baguio City. I wonder how cold the place will be, given the overall drop of temperature in the Philippines lately. But as he had rightly put, it can’t definirely be colder than what we have respectively experienced in South Korea and China. =D

Rest in peace, my friend…

Mon and I were on a halfday leave today because we went to visit the wake of our friend who passed away last week. I had no idea how to go to Sucat, Parañaque and I left myself to the careful and guiding hands of Mon. Anything past Baclaran and I already have no clue.

Manila Memorial Park in Sucat, Parañaque

It was a very emotional day and a lot of things were running through my mind when we were there talking to the father of our departed friend. Of all the things I’ve thought about, I appreciated the acceptance of my father over me and everything about me and Mon more than ever…

Rest in peace, Wacks. You will be forever missed and we will always remember you. We won’t forget you…

Christmas officially started in our house!

It has been weeks already since we brought out our Christmas tree, but we only had the time this weekend to finally put ornaments on it (and some more)! My nephew and niece were, of course, very eager to help. After all, Christmas is more fun when you have kids screaming and running around the house. LOLMy nephew JB hanging ornaments on our Christmas tree - Christmas in the PhilippinesBrie hugging Little Santa - Christmas in the Philippines

However, I had been sneezing for hours already because the ornaments and decorations were kept in their boxes for months and all the dust and what-nots irritated my nose. Not to mention, I had been helping Mama to hang all of the lights and those little, paratrooper Santas around the house. By the end of the day, I was already sweaty and grimy that I had scrubbed my body hard to remove the dirt when I took a bath.

A Poinsettia on our Christmas Tree - Christmas in the Philippines

I can even see Brie and I in the reflection - Christmas in the Philippines

Little Santa under our tree - Christmas in the Philippines

Lights looking nicer when out of focus =) - Christmas in the PhilippinesOn another note, I just found out that my good friend miles away from me has been brought to the hospital. =( I’m extremely worried now and I hope that medication for his kidney stones will suffice because surgery will definitely be next option.. Take care Ikle!