Remembering our Joint Security Area experience

It has been  exactly a year since our South Korea trip, and the best part about it was visiting the Joint Security Area in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). Since 2003, after watching the Park Chan-wook directed film “Joint Security Area”, I’ve always been interested in visiting this place. I also took interest in the area because I was also working on a paper about the Korean War and the DMZ in graduate school.

We took the last morning tour (at 10:30 AM) because our plane arrived at around 6:oo AM, as most of the DMZ/JSA tours are offered early in the morning and the agency from which we booked our tour was the only one we found to offer the latest morning schedule but it was only for Saturdays.

Lotteria inside Lotte Mall - Seoul, South Korea

Lotteria inside Lotte Mall

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